Moo Business Cards Rock

Moo Business Cards

I recently ordered some business cards from They arrived in my mailbox yesterday. I’m very impressed with how these Moo cards look – and how easy they were to order.

In the past, I’ve used a Photoshop template to set up my business card designs, which I tinkered with forever before I was finally happy with the design.  Then, I ended up ordering hundreds of the same card.

Granted, that works fine for a lot of folks; however, I really liked the idea of shaking things up by using multiple images as a featured photo in the same batch of business cards.  I think other photographers might appreciate this as well.  In fact, with Moo, every single card can use a different image if you so choose.

I recently read about Moo cards from my friend Rich Legg, who seemed to be very pleased with his Moo MiniCards.  So, with a hat tip to Rich, I thought I’d give them a try.

It seriously took me a total of about 15 minutes to find some recent portraits in my Lightroom library, export and upload them to Moo, put some simple contact info on the back using Moo’s forms and submit my order.  (It took me longer to choose the images from my library than anything else.)

After a week or so (Thanksgiving was in the mix of my order too), the cards were here.  I used about 15 images and chose a small pack of 50 to sample them; however, I’m sold and I’ll be ordering more this week.  Friends and family who saw them today fell in love with them and thought they were some of the greatest business cards they had seen.

You can also choose environmentally-friendly paper for your cards, which I opted for and it appears to be the same price.  They have a very soft, almost parchment, look and feel to them.

Moo Business Cards

Check them out for yourself at