Stock Photography Adventure Gone Awry

Desert Walk - Image Credit BVDC Stock Photography
Image Credit: BVDC Stock Photography

Here’s a scary story that I received from Fotolia for all of you who brave the elements to get the shot…

NEW YORK, NY, November 25, 2009 – One Las Vegas couple has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving after nearly losing their lives this past September during a photo shoot in the Nevada desert. Brian and Vildan Chase began shooting microstock photography as a hobby only a few short years ago, but it quickly turned into a full-time career after experiencing early success. In fact, the Chase’s are putting their daughter through Stanford University and fulfilling a lifetime dream based on the income they generate through microstock sales on sites including Fotolia.

The week before their daughter was to begin classes at Stanford, the Chase’s decided to embark on a much anticipated, glamorous shoot in the Nevada desert. Their jeep packed the essentials: camera and production equipment, wardrobe, water and some emergency supplies. Excitement surrounding the family outing soon turned into inconvenience when the jeep became stuck in the sand. After several hours and unsuccessful attempts to free the vehicle, inconvenience turned into a life-threatening situation.

The Chase’s decided to abandon their vehicle and start walking in the unforgiving desert heat. After a few hours and what seemed to be very little progress, the Chase’s daughter became extremely sick. It was decided the dwindling water supply would be split as the women returned to the vehicle for refuge while Brian continued in a quest for help.

With nightfall, came an uninvited thunderstorm. Around midnight, after the storm had passed, a soft echo perked Vildan and her daughter’s attention. It was a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Search and Rescue Helicopter. They had found Brian less than 100 yards from a ranger station; he had walked nearly 30 miles and over 12 hours through the desert to save his family. This Thanksgiving, the Chase’s are celebrating the holiday with a new appreciation for life and for each other.

But, the life-threatening situation hasn’t deterred the Chase’s from getting the shot they were after. They are determined to conquer the desert and try the photo shoot again. Look for their content submissions exclusively on Fotolia in the near future.



  1. Wally says

    A solution for those who venture into remote areas where the cell phone does not go! Become a Amateur Radio operator (Ham) They would have had instant communications and no problems.

  2. says

    These seems to be stupid people. Do they know the word “Satellite Phone”?!?
    I don’t like people that put their lives in trouble in such a stupid way and sometimes other people lives…

  3. ossme says

    I’m glad that they all are safe. It is different world in the desert. even the best SUVs cannot help you if you are inexperienced.