Nikon Deals at Pictureline


Pictureline is a Utah-based photo retailer.  I’ve heard of them through the very active Utah photography crowd (e.g., Rich Legg, Nicolesy, Scott Jarvie, etc.), and I’ve heard nothing but good things.  These guys are all about Pictureline, and I’ll take them at their word.

The good news is that Pictureline also has a website where non-Utah-based photographers like you and me can order gear.  The better news is that I asked Pictureline if they had any deals running for Black Friday and they gave me a list of Nikon cameras and lenses that are currently on special.

Nikon Coolpix Camera Deals

  • L20 – $99.95
  • L100 – $199.95
  • P90 – $399.95 (update: it’s going to $299.95 for Black Friday)
  • S220 – $119.95
  • S230 – $199.95
  • S570 – $149.95
  • S630 – $229.95
  • S640 – $249.95
  • S70 – $299.95

With the exception of the L20, all of Pictureline’s Coolpix cameras come with a case and a 2 year extended warranty from Nikon.

Nikon Lens Deals

  • If you buy a 70-300mm VR with the D5000, D90, D300s, or D700 you get a $200 instant rebate, taking it to $389.
  • If you buy a 55-200mm lens (VR or non-VR) you get a $100 instant rebate, taking them to $149 (VR) and $99 (non-VR)

These specials are good through 11/25.

I’m told that there may be more specials coming on Black Friday, so stay tuned to see what else Pictureline has in store for us.