Samsung TL225 Review

The Samsung TL 225 is a 12.2 megapixel point and shoot camera.  The TL225 features a 4.6x optical zoom lens and optical image stabilization.  It has a 3.5″ touchscreen LCD on the back.  What makes the TL225 so different though, is that it has a 1.5″ LCD on the front.

The Front Display is Actually Useful

Straight out of the box, the Samsung TL225 really impresses.  The frontside LCD is one of those WOW! features that separates the camera from all the other boring cameras in the very crowded market.  It’s the first thing I went for when powering it up for the first time.  And, it doesn’t disappoint either.

Granted, using the mirror image display takes a little getting used to; however, it works like a charm.  If you love those arms-length portraits where you and your love-interest or friends try to crowd in the frame and guesstimate the angle you’re supposed to hold the camera at, then the TL225 is your kind of camera.

What’s really cool about the front display is that you can just tap it with your finger to turn it on or off.  It won’t come on if you just touch it like you ordinarily hold a camera, you’ve got to give it a nice little tap with your finger to turn it on and off.  I think this was a good idea on Samsung’s part so that it doesn’t accidentally turn on while you are using it normally.

The front LCD is also great for kids.  In sharing some kids photo tips recently, I pointed out how much kids love to see themselves on the back of the camera.  With the TL225, you can keep the kids in front of the camera and capture the poses that they are making for themselves.

Have you ever hooked up your video camera to the TV and recorded your kids while they watched themselves act goofy on TV?  It’s sort of like that.  And, in case you’re wondering, both the front and back displays can be on at the same time.

Additionally, you can put the camera in “Children” mode and this silly little video of a clown pops up on the front display.  It can have different effects on different kids, of course; however, it’s a neat little trick to get some smiles or unique expressions on occasion.

microSD Cards and Connection Cables

From the are-you-kidding-me department, Samsung makes use of microSD cards, instead of the industry standard SD cards. Now, you might have one of these setting around somewhere, but you’ll be hard pressed to find it. These things are tiny.

I have a hard enough time keeping up with SD and CF cards. Seriously Samsung? I’ve had boogers bigger than these little things.

microSD cards generally come with an SD adapter.  The microSD card goes into the slot you see at the bottom of the adapter, which in turn is inserted into your SD card reader.  You can also hook the camera up to your computer with an included proprietary connection cable.

It’s really unfortunate that Samsung had to give us a double whammy on the microSD cards and the proprietary connection.  It would have been nice if Samsung had given the TL225 a universal mini-USB connection, for which cables can readily be located in everyone’s box of computer cables.  What happens if you can’t find your SD adapter or your connection cable?  I’ll tell you what – you’re hosed.

Ok, the good news about the microSD cards is that they’re pretty darn cheap.  You can find a 2GB SanDisk microSD card and SD adapter for $12.50 at the time of this review.

Can It Actually Take Pictures?

Yes.  Short and simple.

The TL225 isn’t the best point and shoot camera out there; however, it’s not really designed for the ultimate goal of maximum quality.  The TL225 is for the fun-loving snap-shooter out there who will actually make use of the front LCD screen.

It is capable of producing good images when compared to other compact point and shoot cameras. It’s not the quickest of cameras though, with a noticeable amount of shutter lag.

The touchscreen LCD works surprisingly well and is pretty intuitive overall.  You can slide your finger across the images when reviewing to page to the next image, make an “X” over it to delete it, or even a semi-circle gesture to rotate the view orientation of an image.  Some of this takes some getting used to; however, I found myself using the delete function by “X-ing” images rather naturally after a short bit of use.

Wrapping It Up

Overall, I liked the Samsung TL225.  While it’s not a camera for everyone, it would be a great camera for those who don’t really take their cameras too seriously.  It’s sort of a “people camera.”

If you like being in your own photos at arm’s length, then, as I’ve said, this is your camera.  There are plenty of ordinary and boring compact cameras out there.  The TL225 is not one of them.

It’s packed full of unique, but functional, features that put the camera into it’s own category. It’s slim and stylish, and will easily fit into just about any pocket or purse.

I’ve given you the worst news about the camera with the memory card format and proprietary cable.  If you can get past that, then you’ll likely be happy with the TL225.

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    I got this camera for my graduation, its awesome! Sleek, fun, and takes great pictures. Would greatly recommend this camera