ColorRight v.4 Custom White Balance Tool

The ColorRight custom white balance tool has been updated to a 4th version, which features a semi-transparent plastic center piece, instead of glass in the former version.  Likewise, the outer ring is now a hard plastic shell instead of metal.  (Update: The ring is metal, but it feels better than the old version.)

Performance-wise, the new ColorRight version seems to work as well as the older version, which I really liked.  The new plastic construction is much better than the old glass and metal construction. I had previously broken the glass in a review sample of the old version while it was an outer pocket of my camera bag during a flight.  The construction was really my biggest complaint about the old version, so big kudos to the ColorRight folks for making a good thing better.

Finally, there’s also a nice nylon filter pouch and a lanyard for carrying the ColorRight tool around your neck.  Yeah, you’ll look like a dork, but your white balance will be neutral.

My earlier review of the ColorRight tool still applies to the new version, with the exception of the comments on the build quality and materials.

The ColorRight is available via direct orders or through



  1. ossme says

    Great, I should be getting one. It would be used most with my 7d since its WB is pretty unreliable.