Bogen Photography Gear – Holiday Deals

Bogen Deals

The holiday deals are really starting to pick up the pace now.  Bogen, which distributes popular photo gear like Gitzo, Manfrotto, Kata and Lastolite products, is offering instant savings on a number of items through the holiday season.

The discounted products are listed below, along with links to product pages at B&H Photo.  Remember, (with one exception noted below) these are instant savings discounts, so there’s no UPC to clip and mail-in while you wait 6-8 weeks for a check to come back.  Prices should be reflected in your checkout cart.

Gitzo Deals

GH1780QR New Series 1 Magnesium Bubble Ball Head – $25 Savings
GH2780QR New Series 2 Magnesium Bubble Ball Head – $35 Savings
GT1541T 4 Section Traveler Tripod without Head – $40 Savings
GT1550T Original 5 Section Traveler Tripod with Ball Head – $25 Savings
GK1581OT Ocean Traveler with Ball Head – $75 Savings
GK2580TQR Heavy Duty Traveler with Ball Head and Quick Release – $75 Savings

Manfrotto Deals

322RC2 Grip Action Head – $10 Savings
055XB Heavy Duty Tripod – $20 Savings
055XPROB Pro Tripod with New Horizontal Center Column – $25 Savings
190XPROB Lightweight Pro Tripod with New Horizontal Center Column – $15 Savings
7302YB Compact Tripod with Quick Release Ball Head – $10 Savings

Kata Deals

KT DB-455 Messenger Bag for Camera and Laptop – $5 Savings
KT DT-213 Torso Pack for DSLR or Mini DV – $5 Savings
KT PR-420 Reporter Shoulder Bag Holds 2 Camera Bodies & 2-3 Lenses – $5 Savings

Litepanels Deals

LP Micro – $50 mail-in rebate + free bag
LP MicroPro – $75 mail-in rebate + free bag

Elinchrom Deals

EL 20753KIT 250/250 Lighting Kit* – Save $150
EL 20752KIT 250/500 Lighting Kit* – Save $100
EL 20751KIT 500/500 Lighting Kit* – Save $100

(*All kits include: 2 BXRi Flash Units, 2 Portalite Softboxes; 2 Light Stands; Skyport Transmitter; Bags)

Metz Deals

48 AF-1 Digital GN 157 – Save $25
58 AF-1 Digital GN 190 – Save $30

Lastolite Deals

I couldn’t find the normal prices, but per Bogen, Save $40 to $90 on the following Lastolite products:

LL LS2438M2 Ezybox Hotshoe 15” x 15”
LL LS2462M2 Ezybox Hotshoe 24” x 24”
LL LS2470LM2 Ezybox Hotshoe Kit 15”
LL LS2471LM2 Ezybox Hotshoe Kit 24”

Rotatrim Deals

I couldn’t find the normal prices, but per Bogen, Save $45 to $85 on the following Rotatrim products:

RC RCM18 18” PRO
RC RCM24 24” PRO