How Do You Share Your Photos Online?

If you’re reading this, then chances are you’re a photographer (be it a budding amateur or an old pro) and you have photos on the Internet somewhere.  But where?

I have photos in more than one place to share them with different groups of people; however, the images don’t overlap completely.  For instance, I might take a handful of images from a given shoot or outing and share them with friends on Facebook; however, I might put a couple of hundred from the same shoot on SmugMug.  And then, I might put four or five on Flickr.

They way I’ve shared images online has changed over the years with the way I use the web.  What about you?

How do you share your images?  Do you share them in more than one place?  I’ve created a multiple choice poll below that covers some of the popular sharing sites and general categories of how we share images.

Take a few seconds to make your picks.  Additionally, feel free to eloborate on how you share your images in the comments below and why you choose those methods over alternatives. We’ll take a look at the results and your comments in a follow-up soon.



  1. Rodrigo F says

    Sorry if this sounds like an ad..

    When Adobe announced its Photoshop Express service, I decided to give it a try.

    I don’t usually like flash-intensive webpages (let alone flash-only), and I thought it would be yet another online photo album, but there’s one thing that I loved: interconnectivity.

    I can connect to my Facebook, Flickr and Picasa accounts and fetch, retouch and resend. Or use it as a proxy to backup, move, etc.