Sony A750 Rumor Update

Rumors of the Sony A750 have been floating around for a while now in the form of hoaxes and wishful thinking; however, those rumors have recently picked up and the chatter is stirring that Sony will unveil a full frame follow-up to the aging A700.

The rumored specs for the A750 suggest a 14.6-megapixel full-frame sensor, which should fit neatly between the APS-C powered Sony A550 and the high-resolution, full frame Sony A850.  As for pricing, there’s no hard number bouncing around but, if there’s truth to these rumors, my guess would be in the $1500 range.

[via Neutral Day, among others]



  1. Sproutey says

    Why would anyone believe its a FF model and how would that fit against the competition?
    The A850 is already missing specs available on models far cheaper and if its going head to head with the D300s, 7D and K7, it’ll need more than a FF sensor.
    My guess is on a straight A700 replacement using the 14mp sensor as employed in other Sony models but with a dual-Bionz setup pushing more fps and with more upmarket AF.

  2. ossme says

    Sony is pushing hard in this segment. I won’t be surprised If I attended a conference or a sport event and found out that most of the photographers are holding SONY DSLRs…

    Their major current draw backs reside in the bad selection of body spcs. Most of their bodies lack something, especially when it comes to the FPS Speed and focusing system. The other problem they have is in their lens selection. But this is getting solved. The last problem is with their ISO performance. They are producing sensors for Nikon. But they are nowhere as good as Nikon’s DSLRs when it comes to ISO performance.

  3. Steve says

    A higher MP lower noise sensor in the 15 MP range would be nice. Improved AF with more sensors. A crop sensor would be more preferable to me for the reach.I guess time will tell.

  4. Sony-Canada says

    When Sony do come out what a new Camera 14.6-megapixel full-frame sensor,or whatever then i am about sure Nikon will be next with it sensor Nikon D400

  5. Sony-Canada says

    ossme i wonder where are you getting your info “ossme” The last problem is with their ISO performance. They are producing sensors for Nikon. But they are nowhere as good as Nikon’s DSLRs when it comes to ISO performance.DIWA Labs Report Shows Sony A700 Tops Nikon D300 in Dynamic Range, Tonal Range, Color Fidelity, and Signal-to-Noise Ratio. just a tip read

  6. Sony-Canada says

    NikoDoby you mean Sonykon wish list Nikon don’t make a move with out Sony CCD’s Sensors that why they have D300 D300s now what next LOL so when you see a photo lets say D300 it really Sony Color ReBadge Name Nikon.

  7. Sony-Canada says

    Question if Nikon is so good why don’t they make there own CCD Sensor the 3′ inch screen on a Nikon is made by Sony. And don’t tell me cost cause you guys pay 2 to 3 for a Nikon DSLR .and ossme that test was with firmware V2 at dpreview and it don’t tell the hold story take a look at it with Firmware v4. Now let say if Sony tell Nikon screw you make your own CCD Sensor hmm the tune would really change i use to Own Nikon DSLR but not anymore i like to hold some of my change for me not for Nikon or Canon to have.aright Nikon a Pro Camera with insides made by Sony what do that make Sony. and last Remember Sony want to Play in this DSLR Game just wait and see it’s just get started. Sony will push for the front. (Bob) QT- Why can’t Nikon be this aggressive? well Bob cause they have to wait on Sony LOL