Lastolite KickerLite Softbox

Lasolite has released the KickerLite softbox, which provides a low-level fill light.  The KickerLite is available now and carries an initial retail price of $225.

More details and images in the press release below.

Lastolite KickerLite News Release

Ramsey, N.J. (October 22, 2009) – Lastolite, a leading manufacturer of lighting solutions introduces the KickerLite, an innovative low-level, 35° angled softbox. Measuring 3’ x 4’, the KickerLite is ideal for portrait photography for use as a fill-light to bring out detail in shadow areas, such as under a subject’s chin and around the eyes.

The new KickerLite features an ‘H’ frame support to accommodate a studio flash head, taking away the need for an additional light stand. The KickerLite features a two stop diffusion layer and an internal baffle for further light manipulation. The KickerLite folds to a third of its original size and comes with a handy carry case. The KickerLite can also be used with battery operated flash guns.

The LB3492 KickerLite is available now for $225.00 (street price).



  1. says

    Nice idea for a product! I’ve been doing similar thing by placing pure white seamless paper at an angle on a part of the floor and aim one head at it. But this is a neater solution and it’s more streamlined. However, the example images of models look like they have too much light from Kickerlite. Most examples I found on the web look like that. Maybe they are trying to exaggerate the effects but that doesn’t really help me make a fair judgment…