Gitzo Basalt Collection

Gitzo’s Basalt Collection of tripods, ball heads, monopod and boom.  The new line has a fiber from basalt rock to reduce weight and make it stronger.

Full details and specification are in the press release below.

Gitzo Basalt Collection News Release

Ramsey, N.J. (October 22, 2009) – Gitzo, a world-leading manufacturer of high-end, precision supports for the photographic industry, today unveiled the company’s revamped Basalt Collection which features innovations in both the construction and design of the line. The new Gitzo Basalt Collection, which comprises six tripods, three quick-release (QR) center ball heads, one monopod and boom, utilizes the fibers of basalt rock to produce high performance, lightweight tubes which are 20% lighter than aluminum. Additionally, thanks to a revolutionary and radical new manufacturing process developed by Gitzo engineers, the basalt tubes of the new collection are up to 22% stronger than before, offering photographers a higher-performing support solution compared to the inferior carbon fiber offerings from the competition.

Beyond innovations in construction, Gitzo’s new Basalt Collection demands attention thanks to a stylish and sleek new color scheme inspired by basalt rock. The Basalt Collection is highlighted by an all-black construction – the natural color of basalt rock – and features accents of flame orange, which symbolize the fiber’s volcanic origin. The Basalt Collection’s three new center ball heads also utilize the new black and orange color scheme, creating a unique and streamlined appearance.

Gitzo’s new basalt fiber tubes are manufactured utilizing poltrusion, the same high-quality manufacturing process used to create its revered 6X carbon fiber tubes. In one single step, the raw basalt fibers are wet in a special resin and then pulled through a high temperature core which generates the tube; however, unlike carbon fiber, basalt only absorbs a small quantity of resin, reducing the tube’s density and performance. To combat this issue and to increase the performance of its new Basalt Collection, Gitzo developed a new technology called DRI, which boosts a higher quantity of resin into the basalt fibers thereby increasing the strength of the tubes by up to 22% over the previous collection.

Gitzo is also providing a wider variety of sizes and equipment within the Basalt range. Basalt tripods are available in Series 1, 2 and 3 in standard and compact height. The range also includes a new monopod and microphone boom, both in a convenient six section compact size. Basalt fiber tripods, monopods and boom come with the same features as Gitzo’s 6X carbon fiber range, including G-Lock, ALR, Ground Level Set, Power Disk, and self-locking feet.

The new Basalt Collection center ball heads are available in series 1, 2 and 3 and each incorporates a QR plate. The new Basalt Collection center ball heads boast Gitzo’s advanced PFTE treated Bubble Ball and Spring Assisted Double Lock (SADL) technology, which together offer exceptional locking power and ultra-smooth, precision movement. Furthermore, the new center ball heads feature three independent leveling bubbles, including one in the ball stem, which further ensures that each shot taken will be level.


Gitzo Basalt Collection – Tripods
Series Model Section Max Height – Column Extended Max Height Min


Collapsed Height Weight Max Payload
1 GT1840C 4 44.7” 35.2” 10.4” 16.9” 2.6 lbs. 15.4 lbs
1 GT1830 3 66.1” 53.1” 14.4” 25.2” 2.3 lbs. 15.4 lbs.
2 GT2840C 4 44.1” 35” 8.3” 16.9” 3 lbs. 22 lbs.
2 GT2830 3 65.9” 53.3” 11.4” 24.6” 3.4 lbs. 22 lbs.
3 GT3840C 4 41.3” 32.7” 8.1” 16.5” 5.2 lbs. 33 lbs.
3 GT3830 3 65.2” 53” 11.2” 26.8” 6 lbs. 33 lbs.

Gitzo Basalt Collection – Center Ball Heads
Series Model Plate Type Pan Tilt Front/Back Tilt Height Weight Max Payload
1 GH1781QR QR – ¼” screw 360° +100° / -13° +95° / -13° 3.74” .77 lbs. 22 lbs
2 GH2781QR QR – ¼” screw 360° +100° / -13° +95° / -13° 4.33” 1.1 lbs. 30.8 lbs.
3 GT3781QR QR – ¼” screw 360° +100° / -13° +95° / -13° 4.96” 1.56 lbs. 46.2 lbs.

Gitzo Basalt Collection – Monopod
Series Model Section Max Height Min Height Weight Max Payload
3 GM3860C 6 53” 16.9” 1.47 lbs. 33 lbs.

Gitzo Basalt Collection – Boom
Series Model Section Max Height Min Height Weight Max Payload
3 GB3860C 6 51” 16.9” 1.14 lbs. 4.4 lbs.