Elinchrom Ranger Quadra

At PhotoPlus last week, Elinchrom introduced the Ranger Quadra, which is a portable battery flash system offering built-in Skyport triggering, Eye-Cell (prevents triggering during pre-flash allowing the system to work in conjunction with a TTL-system like Nikon’s CLS) and several othere unique features.

More details in the press release below.

Elinchrom Ranger Quadra News Release

Ramsey, N.J. (October 22, 2009)– Elinchrom, a leading manufacturer of professional lighting solutions, today introduced the Ranger Quadra, one of the most lightweight, compact and portable battery flash systems available to photographers today. Boasting an impressive list of advanced features, the new Ranger Quadra offers shooters unrivaled flash performance in a fully-portable package combined with the precision and quality which have become hallmarks of the Elinchrom brand.

Besides its industry-leading compact form factor, the Elinchrom Ranger Quadra stands out thanks to its impressive power range and fast recycle times. The Elinchrom Ranger Quadra features a power range of 8.2ws to 400ws and gives shooters complete control over power settings. The Ranger Quadra offers a 6.6 F-Stop range which users can modify in 1/10th of a stop increments. Shooters will also benefit from the unit’s blazing speed. At 100% power, the Min/Max using the Ranger Quadra’s fast recycle setting is .5 sec / 2.2 sec, and 2.02 sec / 4 sec when using the slow recycle setting. The Elinchrom Ranger Quadra is also fast to recharge. In just 45 minutes, users will be able to get an 80% charge. A full-charge can be completed in just 1.5 hours.

The Ranger Quadra battery flash system supports up to two asymmetrical, Ranger Q heads. Designed specifically for use with the Ranger Quadra, Elinchrom’s new Ranger Q heads are compact, comparable in size to today’s popular tilt-head flashes, and are available in two versions, the “S” and “A.” The “S” Ranger Q head is intended for standard flash duration and offers a maximum speed of 1/3200. The “A” Ranger Q head is intended for action shots featuring shorter flash durations and offers a maximum speed of 1/6000.

Elinchrom’s new Ranger Quadra also offers the following features:
• Built-in Skyport Triggering – Ranger Quadras offer built-in Skyport triggering, giving shooters the ability to completely control the unit from their camera or computer using Elinchrom’s Skyport remote control system.
• Eye-Cell –Ranger Quadras can be trained to work with TTL shoe mounted flashes so that it will not fire until the last pre-flash goes off.
• Modifiable Ready Beep – Users can change the length of the “ready” beep so that they know when the main light is ready as opposed to the fill light.
• Programmable On/Off LED Modeling Light – The modeling light on the “S” and “A” Ranger Q heads can stay on from 3 seconds to continuously. It consumes only 20 watts but burns at 5900 Kelvin. The LED modeling light is nearly perfect as a video light and can run for 2 hours on a single charge.

At 6.6 pounds for the pack with battery box and .55 pounds for a Ranger Q flash head, Elinchrom’s new Ranger Quadra is extremely lightweight. The Ranger Quadra pack and battery box has a minimal footprint, measuring 6” x 3.4” x 8.3”. Each Ranger Q flash head measures 3.25” x 2.75” x 4.875” (without reflector or stand mount).

Elinchrom Ranger Quadras will be sold as separate components, in To-Go Sets or Kits.

“To Go Sets” will include:
– Ranger Quadra
– Multivoltage Charger
– One “S” or “A” Ranger Q Flash Head w/ 5.3” Standard Head Reflector
– Battery
– Shoulder Strap
– Cables and Manuals

The full Ranger Quadra Kits will include:
– Hard Case
– Skyport Transmitter
– Ranger Quadra
– Multivoltage Charger
– Two “S” or “A” Ranger Q Flash Heads w/ two 5.3” Standard Head Reflectors
– Two Batteries
– Shoulder Strap
– Cables and Manuals

Elinchrom Ranger Quadra – List Pricing
Full Kit w/ two “S” Ranger Q Flash Heads (EL 10290.1) $2,438.00
Full Kit w/ two “A” Ranger Q Flash Heads (EL 10291.1) $2,583.00
“To-Go Set” w/ “S” Ranger Q Flash Head (EL 10292.1) $1,657.00
“To-Go Set” w/ “A” Ranger Q Flash Head (EL 10293.1) $1,730.00

The new Elinchrom Ranger Quadra battery flash system is available through Bogen Imaging, the exclusive North American distributor of Elinchrom products.

For additional information and full specifications, please visit www.bogenimaging.us