Gitzo Traveler 6x Tripod and G1178M Ball Head Review

Gitzo Traveler 6x Tripod and G1178M Ball Head

The Gitzo Traveler 6x (Model GT1541T) is a lightweight, carbon fiber tripod that’s great for packing around.  While it’s not the most affordable tripod you’ll come across, if quality and lightweight are important in a tripod, you’ll be very pleased with the Traveler 6x.

Gitzo Traveler 6x Key Specs

  • 52.8″ max height
  • 16.1″ min height
  • 2.1 lbs
  • 17.6 lbs max weight capacity

The first thing you notice about the Gitzo Traveler 6x is just how light it is.  At 2.1 lbs, this tripod feels like a feather in your hand (or attached to your camera bag) when compared to other tripods.

When it comes to tripods, there are tripods, and then there’s Gitzo.  I’ve been really impressed with the overall quality of Gitzo products.  The Traveler 6x just feels like a professional tool.  We’ve all heard the old saying, “You get what you pay for.”  It is so very true with this tripod and head combo.

The carbon fiber construction is just amazing.  It’s so light, yet so solid.

Gitzo Traveler 6x Tripod and G1178M Ball Head

The twist-lock legs work very smoothly.  I was able to unlock all legs with a single twist of my hand because of the proximity of the locks when collapsed.  Once locked in place, the legs are deceivingly stable.

The G1178M ball head is also a smooth operation.  Again, Gitzo makes a product that does what it’s supposed to do.  The G1178M includes a bubble level on the head (just make sure you don’t mount the camera body where it covers the bubble . . . like I’ve managed to do a few times.)  The quick release plate is very nice and secures snugly in the head.  You’ll need to carry a nickel, screwdriver or something else in your camera bag to tighten/loosen the quick release plate when you’re out and about.  (Don’t ask what I did to my car key when I didn’t have a coin with me.)  The G1178M is a fine piece of engineering that outshines lesser tripod heads into shame (*ahem, Benbo ball head).

G1178M Ball Head


I always try to point out negatives about a product so you get the full picture of what I review; however, it’s hard to find much wrong with this tripod.  I suppose the max extension height is on the lower end of the spectrum for pro-quality tripods, but the Traveler 6x is designed as more of a lightweight, compact model anyway – so it’s hard to ding it for that.  I guess the biggest downer is the price.  But again, you get what you pay for.

You would be hard-pressed to find a lighter, more capable tripod than the Gitzo Traveler 6x.

Check out B&H Photo for availability on the Traveler 6x tripod and G1178M ball head.  You can also find a Traveler 6x and G1178M combo.

Gitzo Traveler 6x Tripod and G1178M Ball Head