Mastering Digital Panoramic Photography Book Announced

Mastering Digital Panoramic Photography is a new book by Harald Woeste, who lives in Bonn, Germany where he works as a designer and photographer for international clients. Digital photographic panoramas was the subject of his thesis at the “Universitaet der Kuenste” in Berlin, and it has become one of the tools for his work as an artist and designer. One of the widely recognized projects of Harald Woeste is the panoramic capture of the exhibit “Einstein, Engineer of the Universe” in Berlin.

Mastering Digital Panoramic Photography carries a retail price of $34.95; however, it can be at for $23.07.

More details in the press release below.

Santa Barbara, CA—The unusual perspective of a panoramic image creates a unique and intriguing visual experience for the viewer. Skillfully executed, panoramic photography can realize scenes that could otherwise never be captured in an image or seen with the naked eye.

Panoramas offer new possibilities for creative photographers, either as flat, two-dimensional images, or mapped into a 3D space that can be visited on a virtual tour. New, powerful, panorama software makes the workflow easier and more efficient than ever before.

In Mastering Digital Panoramic Photography (Rocky Nook, $34.95 USD) you will find everything you need to know to create amazing panoramic images. Author Harald Woeste takes the reader on a tour from the basics of capturing panoramas, all the way through stitching, editing, and printing panoramic images. He provides a detailed description of the necessary equipment and materials, as well as the various software tools that can be used in the workflow. The latter half of the book illustrates the making of panoramas through a number of example projects.

Topics covered include:

* History of panoramas and panoramic cameras
* Shooting technique and equipment
* Stitching methods
* Output methods
* Stitching software
* Case studies of indoor and outdoor panoramas