Ricoh GR Digital III Firmware Update

Ricoh has updated the firmware of the GR Digital III to version 1.21.  The new firmware addresses the following issues:

1 With the combination of the following conditions, it will not properly appear the image in the position display window that is shown when you playback with enlarged.

– [Auto Rotate] ON

– Rotate the camera to the lengthwise direction

– Playback the picture that was captured in the lengthwise direction and with [3:2] or [1:1] in the image size

2 Set the focus to [MF] (Manual focus) and turn the power off, and then turn the power on again, the focus distance will become infinity.

3 In Manual focus, if you enlarge the center part of the image in the screen, the enlarged part may become black-out rarely.

4 With attaching the GW-2 (wide conversion lens), there may be rare occasions that information on the focus distance in Exif will not be recorded correctly (Correctly, which should be recorded as 21mm; 35 mm filmcameras equivalent).

5 In taking pictures by switching between macro mode and normal mode, the resolution in surrounding parts (four corners) may change.

To get more details and download the firmware, visit Ricoh’s website.