Canon 7D Available Soon

by on September 27, 2009

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Canon 7D Availability

Several reports are coming in that the Canon 7D is or soon will be available in the US.  Notably, B&H Photo is now accepting orders for the Canon 7D body only, which usually means they are expecting its arrival very soon.

Other stores where you can order/pre-order the Canon 7D are as follows:


B&H Photo


International Availability:


Keep watching Photography Bay’s Canon 7D Reviews and Resources or stay glued to the front page for the latest updates on this new DSLR.




1 Maja October 1, 2009 at 4:11 am

I purchased mine from Adorama (retail store) yesterday (9/30/2009) before lunch, just a little inquiry from their twitter guy (@adoramaused) and I had a call from their sales rep and I only needed to pick it up.

2 riverwalkerr October 1, 2009 at 10:29 pm

Been shooting 40D for 2 years in the extreme condition of Michigan’s UP in the daily field conditions of northern Marquette county and Lake Superior weather…It wears armour. Excellent photos with Canon lenses …Bought 5D2 no complaints, it does what Canon says and many others….There fore when the D1mk3 did not live up to the focus expectaions, Canons got the 7D right so I bought my wife one w/ 100-400IS zoom for her wildlife work….FYI it was shipped yesterday from Adorama….This site caused me to order the camera the day after the announcement….Up here we dont have time to quibble about things that do not matter…survival is the daily order off the grind with candles and wood for cooking and heat…….Great site… about a 16-90 range for full frame…….IS of course. Improve the 24-70 to IS. keep your batteries next to your body and they last a long time.


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