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  1. Doda
    Sep 24 - 12:11 pm

    Nice one! Thank you very much for this detailed post.
    It once more affirmed me in shooting raw. The build in noise reduction makes the pictures way too soft, for my taste. Even the ones at ISO6400 look better to me if nothing is applied.
    Plus, one always can adjust specified noise reduction to the “keepers”.

  2. Sony-Canada
    Sep 24 - 10:46 pm

    From what i have been reading lots of people with the Nikon D300 upgraded to the D300s and feel they got rob….. most of the people think the D300s is just a re bag camera and at Around $1700 with no lens i see why they are pissed..

  3. NikoDoby
    Sep 25 - 2:32 am

    Why would you “upgrade” to a D300S if you already have a D300?! What exactly would you hope to gain? It’s a D300 with an extra card slot and video. So why would they be “pissed”?

  4. Sony-Canada
    Sep 27 - 12:47 am

    Not me i don’t really like Nikon all you buy with Nikon is am name..i was reading in a Nikon chat form.. as for Camera i will stick to Sony there more to come from Sony that will have the rest running for way of thinking is why pay more when you can get more for less.just to give you a ideal i got a A700P 16-105, VG Grip, Extra Bat, 62 mm UV and Cir PL Hoya Filter for $1550 New in the Box. Try and get a D300 with that……

  5. NikonTheWay
    Oct 01 - 5:33 am

    All camera have their own pedigree, people like it or not it is up to them to choose. They are people prefer Nikon over Sony, or Canon over Sony. Just like a car Mercedes with BMW or Jaguar. If you ask me to get the D300s or A700, I would just say D300s is my preference as simple as that.

  6. PP
    Oct 01 - 7:33 am

    @Sony-Canada: Sony doesn’t offer the same quality as Nikon does. Even if you compare camera’s that have the same sensor (Sony makes Nikon sensors), even then the Nikon camera’s outperform the Sony offerings!

    By the way; to me the Sony camera’s jest feel like clumsy bricks compared to the Nikon bodies.

    Finally you cannot even start to compare the lenses that you can buy for your camera. You do not buy just a camera, you buy a system!

  7. Sony-Canada
    Oct 02 - 3:57 pm

    Yeah just a Regular Nikon user they are all kings you can stay with Nikon and Sink your money there but i have better thing to do with the extra money i save With a Sony . yes they outperform with bell and other stuff that camera don’t need Video Live view all yes you buy a system lens extra everything is extra on a call that a system .it a system to get your money.DxOMark Sensor scale results A700 and a D300 it one point diff on the scale so why such much for a D300 and in Photo you really can tell the difference.

  8. Sony-Canada
    Oct 02 - 5:28 pm

    The Sony Alpha 700 with its new version 4.0 firmware scored a 66.3 on the DxOMark Sensor scale, putting it in 17th place on the overall ranking, and in 5th place for APS-C cameras. Given its launch date (Sept. 2007), this is a pretty good result.

  9. Christopher
    Nov 01 - 8:41 pm

    This is very interesting, so thanks for publishing it. The high ISO capabilities are certainly very impressive. But what I would like to know very much, and I have not seen very much comment on, is a comparison with the D300 to see if there has been any real improvement over the past two years. Do you think there has? and if so, what do you think it amounts to? I am not looking for anything too scientific- just to know if you think the difference, if any, is noticable in real-life situations

  10. Daniel Dytrych
    Dec 26 - 11:24 am

    at sony canada.

    Hmmmm, what planet are you currently orbiting. To say Sony make better cameras is like saying Ford make better cars than Ferrari. Nikon is in totally a different league, do your research and find out for yourself before coming here and making a complete fool of yourself. You pay more for a Nikon because you get the quality and genius technology that others cannot match. Just take a look how long Nikon have been making cameras, their portfolio speaks for itself and they are renowned and highly respected for their contribution to the photographing world.

    As for Sony, they don’t hold the market in anything they do. Yes, they have a place in many areas of the market but they specialise in none of it, and they don’t even come close to the big boys like Nikon. Sony rely on other manufacturers for their components to build their cameras and Carl Zeiss lenses, they are SHIT!!!

  11. new body or lens?
    Jan 14 - 6:52 am

    [...] need a total upgrade. Don't overlook the D300s, see this……. Nikon D300s ISO Test and Sample Images Photography Bay | Digital Camera Reviews, News and Resources __________________ Don't let schooling interfere with your education… Mark [...]

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