David Ziser’s Digital WakeUp Call Tour

Digital WakeUp Call

David Ziser has been on tour for a big chunk of 2009 with his Digital WakeUp Call seminar.  Digital WakeUp Call is an evening-long event that takes place in several cities throughout the US.  While we’re well into the year, there are several major cities still on the map for David to hit before winding up in November, including Indianapolis (tonight), Chicago, Detroit, Columbus, Philadelphia and many others. 

I’m planning on attending the one in Nashville in November and will report back with my impressions; however, I wanted to pass news along about this event since it seems like a great deal ($59 if you register online with a discount code – you can find the code on his blog Digital Pro Talk, or $79 at the door).  Here’s what other folks are saying about David’s Digital WakeUp Call:

Scott Kelby (on the DVD version)

While on the treadmill on Monday, I got to watch the first 45 minutes of famed wedding photographer David Ziser’s “Digital Wakeup Call” DVD, and it just blew me away. If you’re a professional wedding photographer, it’s like having David standing there stuffing money in your pockets, because it’s packed with so much practical advice on how to be competitive in this market where cameras have gotten so good, and so inexpensive, that everyone thinks they’re a pro wedding shooter.

R.C. Concepcion

The seminar was Just amazing.. cheap too. 59-79 bucks to hear all of that.. just intense.

Matt Kloskowski

Honestly folks, if you’re a wedding photographer or want to break into this business I can’t imagine a better way to spend $60.

Brian Auer

Well now I can say for sure that this is an event 100% worth going to. David managed to pack probably 15 hours of lessons into a 4 or 5 hour session — he’s very high energy.

I really love reading David’s blog (it’s a constant in my feed reader) and I’m excited about finally meeting him and experiencing this seminar.  If you’re interested in going to one as well, you can check out more details here.