Canon 7D Availability

Canon 7D Availability

Several retailers have already begun taking pre-orders for the new Canon 7D.  The Canon 5D Mark II was plagued with availability problems last fall/winter for those not on the pre-order bandwagon.  Here’s a short list of retailers where you can pre-order the Canon 7D or sign up for notifications for when it is in stock:


B&H Photo


International Availability:


Keep watching Photography Bay’s Canon 7D Reviews and Resources or stay glued to the front page for the latest updates on this new DSLR.



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    Hmmm 18 megapixels. I wonder how it will affect the ISO performance??????
    If Canon can pull this off, then i believe we can expect 26 megapixel on the new 1 Ds mk 4

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    – Along with this great release is the reaction of THOUSANDS of people who invested (millions of dollars around the world) in the 5D Mark II and all expensive full-frame lenses and have requested for MONTHS to Canon to improve its Firmware, so they can shoot at those standard frame rates (29.97, 25, 23.976 fps).

    – PLEASE check these links:

    – It’s a WORLDWIDE effort that will benefit everyone.
    Customers DESERVE more attention, service and to “be listened” in REAL facts.

    Thanks a lot in advance for everyone’s support and help.