RadioPopper JrX Announced – Available Aug. 20

RadioPopper JrX

RadioPopper just dropped the bomb on their JrX model wireless transmitter and receivers.  While they’re not in the bargain bin price range we were initially told, they still come at a significant discount when compared to the PocketWizard triggers.

The RadioPopper JrX Basic receiver runs $69.95, while the JrX Studio runs $89.95.  The JrX transmitter (only one flavor) is $69.95.

The JrX Basic is a bare bones dumb drone that pops when you tell it too.  The JrX Studio, however, has a little more flash to it.  From RadioPopper:

The JrX Receiver Studio takes the JrX Receiver Basic and unleashes two great features:

1. EZset Studio: With EZset Studio a photographer can dial up and down the power of all current Alien Bees, White Lightning and Zeus brand strobes. Power levels are controlled directly from camera on either a JrX or PX Transmitter. Up to 3 groups can be independently controlled using EZset Studio.

2. EZset Strobe: With Patent Pending EZset Strobe, a photographer can now dial up and down the power on nearly any past or present handheld TTL capably flash directly from a JrX or PX Transmitter. It is time to dust off those old flashes that you couldn’t sell on ebay for $30! Note that EZset Strobe will need to be used with the RPcube (connects JrX Receiver Sync Port to the hot-shoe of a handheld flash) which will be available in 6-8 weeks for purchase.

RadioPopper JrX

Of course you should consider what the Strobist himself has to say about the new RadioPopper JrX.  You can see from his full review of the RadioPopper JrX that David Hobby was quite pleased with the performance of these cost-effective gizmos:

Right out of the blocks I took them out for a range test. The were solid at 100 yards, which is sufficient for all but the most extreme circumstances.

Resources for the RadioPopper JrX are below:

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    Sweet! You just saved me a few hundred bucks. I was getting ready to buy the Flex TT5 and Mini TT1 from Pocket Wizard in the next week! I really hate to spend $420 just to get TTL from my Canon 40D to my 580EX II flash. I know these things only cost about $10 to produce, so this is at least only an 800% mark-up and not the 2000% that Pocket Wizard uses :)