Samsung NX10 Draws Closer

Update 1/4/10:  The Samsung NX10 has been officially announced.  For more details, click here.

More word from Korea on the release of the Samsung NX10.  The short version is that it should be announced in August and released in November.  A DPR forum poster translated a bit of the info from a SLR Club:

I went to the exhibition today (July 14).

I heard from Samsung Imaging representative today that NX-10 will be available to customers on November. NX-10 displayed on July 7 is pre-production model and is not completed one.

. . . .

Also, he mentioned new compact camera, and it will be a camera could only exist in your imagination. He said it is a camera might be seen in SF movies. It is totally different from existing compact digital cameras. He said it has 2 parts while normal compact cameras usually have only 1, but he didn’t say no more what it is. (Obviously, it is classified.)

NX and new digital camera will be announced around August.

[SLRclub via DPR]