Fuji 3D Camera Priced at $600, Coming in September

Fuji 3D Camera

Fuji is right on schedule for the release of its dual-lens 3D camera in September, which won’t require special glasses to “get” the 3D effect.  Time got some hands-on experience with a prototype of the new shooter and, overall, it looks pretty impressive.  One of the other interesting tidbits, is that Fuji is planning on launching a print service in order to make the special 3D prints available.  Again, no 3D glasses required.

Time also got word that the camera’s price should come in “around $600″ with the aforementioned 3D prints at $5 or less.  3D cameras have been tried before; however, the technological hurdles have never been as low as now.  Fuji could really be onto something here and we could be looking at the tip of a very large iceberg.

[Time via Engadget]



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    Must Will Have. Looks awesome too, looking forward to losing the hassle of trying to take 3D pics with a single lens! September is my birthday too so the wife cant say no!