Sony Bringing 2 Full Frame DSLRs Soon

We fully expect to see the Sony A500 and A550 soon; however, Photo Rumors received a tip that Sony is bringing two new DSLRs this Summer that will have full frame sensors.  Whether or not these two models are represented by the A500 and A550 leaks, we don’t know yet.  The tipster also points out that the new full frame cameras from Sony will cover both the high-end and low-end price spectrums.  He goes on to note that one model will be situated above the current A900 as a pro-level model.  The other . . . under $1,000.

Again, we don’t know whether the A500 and A550 will be full frame models.  Suspicions abound that these cameras will offer video capabilities though.  Given the fact that the recently introduced A230, A330 and A380 lack video capabilities, it would seem likely that the A500 and A550 would do so in order to compete with this feature, which is found in Canon and Nikon’s recently introduced Rebel T1i and D5000, respectively.

Additionally, Sony has recently acknowledged the importance of video capture in future DSLRs.  Sony also commented that if it did put video in a DSLR that it should be as good of a feature as found in the popular Handycam series.  That’s pretty exciting stuff, particularly if the above-mentioned tipster is to be believed.

Finally, I have also heard reports that Sony was testing some of their new, unannounced cameras in the field last week – quite possibly some of the ones referenced above.  Since they have been out and about, somebody is bound to have seen one or two of them floating around.  If you’ve seen one, drop us a line through the contact form.

At any rate, expect many more leaks and rumors as we close in on the final announcement of these new cameras.