Sonic Photo, Broadway Photo, Best Price Camera and Other Scammers Get Busted

The New York Attorney General has busted these scam shops for their nefarious bait & switch tactics, which result in heartache stories across the photography community year in and out.

While they’re getting off with a $765,000 settlement after being investigated by the New York AG, hopefully the officials will keep a closer eye on them.  This isn’t the first time Broadway Photo has been on the wrong side of the law though.

[New York Times via @AdoramaUsed]



  1. Johnny A says

    What the attorney general’s office didn’t tell them until later is they had to buy an extended warranty and batteries for the settlement and that was going to cost them 1.8 million.

    @Dean, B&H and Adorama are both in NY and are awesome stores.

  2. jerry says

    Bought a GPS from Broadway Photo. They did the bait and switch on the “free” shipping, but I persisted. Then they refused to invoice me, which is a way of scamming to pay income taxes so I happily forwarded the info to the IRS, New York DOR and the BB Bureau. May they all rot in h…