Nikon D300s . . . All But Confirmed

This image showing the LCD screen of what is clearly a Nikon D300s was purportedly taken from the official Nikon USA site (it’s down now).  The LCD screen cap shows the Nikon D300s model name, as well as an indication that it has an SD slot via the info in the lower left corner.  These validity of this rumor just increased to all-but-official and we should be seeing a replacement for the Nikon D300 anytime now.

[via Nikon Rumors]



  1. Santiago says

    Weird… the image size (bottom right) says medium and 3216×2136, thats the same as the D300, so it means that it will carry the same pixel count that the D300?

    Sounds a little dubious…

  2. a little too late says

    no its true.
    i saw it on the official nikon website last night around 11pm or so,
    when i check again this morning, gone. broken link?
    (i know it sounds fishy or fake but believe me)
    because the Nikon School tutorial thing had a techniques page about : reading histograms: (which is where that picture was located) now its not there. perhaps if you could go into a cached page somewhere, like that time machine web page thing you might be able to go back and take a look yourself. anyways. it might be for show, free publicity or just a dumb mistake that the webmasters at Nikon completely negligently forgot. And the fact is… if it still costs $1900 msrp for the next 6 months after release, i’m not sure its convincing enough for me to shell out my money. now D400 next fall? that’s a whole new thing to dream about…

  3. says

    I saw the image on the Nikon site last night as well. The d300 still stands up quite well to offerings from other manufacturers and the “s” is a perfect excuse to sell new cameras at the same price, with little to no R&D cost. Kudos to Nikon for not wasting money on a product the market doesn’t currently need.

    Now I hope the money they saved went into the other camera they need to release which is a d700 body with a d3x sensor. It would be a huge failure to not release this ASAP, as in concurrently with the d300s.

    Come one Nikon. I’m rootin for you. A lot of us are. If you fail I’ll still buy a d3x, but not at $8k.

  4. says

    I hope the D300s arrives and works as well as the D300 (my favorite camera ever). I have owned much more expensive cameras……but hardly as high performance as the D300. Hopefully the D300s will have a video function which is at least somewhat better than the D90 which I have shot a lot with, but the D300 is a better camera for my money!! A few changes especially video and as good JPEG fine large as possible!!!! The D400 when it ever comes should be a real beauty. Quite a few wildlife pros and those shooting in the field PREFER DX 1.5 magnification and greater pixel density.