Pentax K30D Update

The Pentax K30D rumors still have hope after the recent release of the Pentax K-7, which many assumed would serve as a replacement for the Pentax K20DAmateur Photographer, however, has confirmed with Pentax UK that the K-7 is not a replacement for the K20D.  The K-7 and K20D are both current models, which leads to the logical question: when is the Pentax K30D going to surface?



  1. Iain says

    I don’t think a K30D will appear, now that Pentax have changed the naming (K-m, K-7). However There will be space for at least one, maybe two new models currently occupied by the K200D and K20D. whether it will be two will be another matter.
    Certainly, it will have live view, which means the end of the 10mp CCD, replaced by a new CMOS.

    My prediction would be thus:-

    CMOS sensor (14.6MP from the K-7? or something like 12.3MP, but that might be a backward step)
    Weather sealed plastic body
    The new shutter from the K-7 but reduced to 3-4 fps
    Body size between K-m and K-7, so smaller than the K200D (just)
    Live view and video
    Pentamirror rather than pentaprism.
    95-96% FOV

    But of course this is not the K30D, the K30D IS the K-7.
    I just hope that Pentax will come out with a model above the K-7, namely a FF model.