Canon Rebel T1i In-Stock Update

B&H Photo has the Canon Rebel T1i in stock for both the kit and the body-only.  Amazon has it available through third-party retailers.  Adorama has the kit in stock and says the body is on its way to the warehouse if you want to get in line.  Links below.

B&H Photo – T1i body only

B&H Photo – T1i kit w/ 18-55mm lens

Amazon – T1i body only

Amazon – T1i kit w/ 18-55mm lens

Adorama – T1i body only

Adorama – T1i kit w/18-55mm lens



  1. says

    For the past week, and as of this morning, B&H and Adorama are still OOS (Out of Stock) and in Back order status. Perfect timing since my XTi up and died this weekend…Amazon shows it in stock thru their 3rd Party, Pavilion Electronics in this case, but it’s $50-100 more than Adorama or B&H…Going to have to sit and wait a little while, unless some kind reader has a couple grand to part with to enable me to replace the XTi body with a Mark III…