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The Pentax K-7 is a 14.6 megapixel DSLR, which features HD video capturing capabilities and a unique HDR mode, which produces one composite image from a series of 3 bracketed exposures.

The K-7 is a crop-sensor camera, which means it produces an angle of view of 1.5x the focal length of lenses as compared to a 35mm or full frame camera.  For example, a 300mm lens has the appearance of a 450mm lens as a result of the “crop factor”.

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Pentax K-7 Key Features

  • 14.6 megapixel CMOS sensor
  • Sensor-based Shake Reduction
  • Magnesium alloy body
  • 77-segment metering system
  • 5.2 frames per second
  • HD Movie capture at 720p
  • Dedicated AF-assist lamp
  • Electronic Level function
  • HDR image capture mode

Pentax K-7 Resources

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  1. says

    Pentax K7 is an upgrade from the k20d for me and so far (I’ve only had it for a day) it seems any failings from Pentax have been addressed. White balance is bang on, and it is very fast for both focus and processing. Shake reduction seems better as well. New Pentax prime and the Sumsung sensor, which was already one of the best in this price area is improved.
    I’ve owned both Canon and Pentax and at this stage at this price point I’d have to put Pentax ahead slightly.

  2. says

    Pentax K-7 is an awesome DSLR, from its AWB, horizon level, HDR, bunch of Filters, wireless flash, built-in-flash, Raw button, metal body, stainless base, weather/dust sealing and so many other electronics functions. But to really have a good quality pictures you need to understand the concepts of how the sensor response to a given lights. otherwise you always tend to have a noisy picture followed by un-ending complain as the other reviewers did.
    To give you an example K-7 is as good quality as K20. I just laugh to those who mention about K-7 noisier than K20 .(It only means they dont know their machine)
    Dont get stuck in just one filter or you’re not gonna know what you’re missing.


  3. says


    I completely agree that Pentax makes amazing DSLR cameras for the price, and K-7 is by far superior to all competition. Shame it’s more expensive in UK than in US. Nevertheless, if you are thinking about spending $1200 on a DSLR camera, this is no brainer – K7 is the only option with all it features and quality.


    Kamil K.