Kodak’s Final Notice

Kodak is dishing out final notices (I just got mine) on their online gallery storage.  Not that it really matters to me.  I use SmugMug and Flickr for sharing my images online.  I have occasionally ordered a few snapshots or Christmas cards from Kodak; however, I will just upload the pics that I need at the time and get my pics or cards printed out. Perhaps some folks use Kodak’s service as their online storage solution.  If you do, then you’ll have to keep ordering products in order to keep your photos online.

How our new storage policy works.

It’s long been our policy that Gallery customers make an annual purchase in exchange for unlimited photo storage and sharing. However, without a minimum defined purchase amount, some customers have ended up spending as little as 15¢. The result: Our loyal customers who regularly shop the Gallery have essentially been subsidizing those who don’t.

So, to better balance the scales, we’ve made a simple adjustment to our policy. In order to continue to store photos at the Gallery, members with photo storage of 2 gigabytes (GB) or less must make annual minimum purchases totaling at least $4.99.

To those loyal Kodak customers out there, you won’t have to “subsidize” my storage any longer after 5/16/09.



  1. says

    This really sucks. I have the Kodak wireless digital frame and the wireless part only works with Kodak gallery. So it’s not enough that I bought the frame for a lot of money, now I have to pay a yearly fee to use it aswell.

  2. says

    I, recently, received this message from kodak gallery. Instead of buying prints, I just bought the archival CD with all the JPEGs. I have not used kodak gallery for some time and did not see a need for buying prints at this time of pictures that are a couple of years old. Just my take on things.

  3. says

    Roger, some of the newer Kodak wireless digital photo frames also work with Media RSS. Are you sure yours isn’t one of those?

  4. T.W. Kanobe says

    Kodak has to rethink this policy-I mean -hey it’s- Kodak -the grandfather of photography. Are they THAT hard up for cash??? If they STILL want to be a player in the photo game they have to get more in tune to what’s happening outside of the shutter – we’re not talking instamatic camera photos anymore. But if you had it bad with Kodak, Adobe’s photo sharing site changed names and I lost all of my photo albums, favorite sites, and pofile while I was “in the middle of a download session”. I have to reload to the new name site everything I posted before, IF I can find the orginals. I might not used Adobe’s Photoshop.com web site anymore, it seems to have too many high school photography class project postings – the kind there the teacher says “If you post it on the internet, you’ll get extra credit”.