Reader Question: Repairing the Canon AE-1

Photography Bay reader, Rick, sent in a question that I thought I would pitch to the community here. Essentially, Rick has a couple of Canon AE-1’s that are in need of professional repair. For those of you who cut your teeth in the digital realm, the Canon AE-1 is a film-based, manual focus SLR. They are still quite widely available in decent used condition.

Does anyone have a recommendation for where he can send these camera’s for some affordable repair work at a reputable shop?

Fire away with your answers in the comments below.



  1. says

    Yeah, location is a big deal. Most major cities still have a couple repair shops left. They stick to film cameras because the manufacturers have priced them out of the dslr repair rigs.

  2. rick forney says

    i live in Va. looking for good technician to repair my ae-1p’s. any ideas would help.

  3. Richard Beels says

    Well, I guess it would help if I knew where poor Rick was?

    If he’s in the US, I’d send it to Just checking the website, it seems they’re recently moved. I had my old, college days A1 repaired there last year and it’s running better now than it ever has. Big thumbs up!

  4. rick forney says

    as i stated i live in Va. Also looking for ae-1p’s trying to get lens , filters, powerwinder, flash attachments ETC. I’ve got a long term disability & the camera’s would be just the ticket for me . it would help me pass the time away! thanks to all of you for your suggestions. i’ve sent email to some of the technicians to see what they have to say. thank you, rick

  5. rick forney says

    thank you all, i live in Va, & would like to find someone to repair what i have. i also am looking for other ae-1p’s , lens; any attachments for the ae-1p cameras. thank you all for suggestions so far. i have sent email to some of the technicians that have been recommended. thank you , rick

  6. anukexpat says

    I’ll vouch for John Tittering too. He sells refurbs too – search for his auctions on eBay and you will get a feel for the quality of his work.