Pentax K-7

[UPDATE: Leaks suggest that the camera will almost certainly be called the Pentax K-7.  Time will tell.  Stay tuned for the launch on May 20.]

The Pentax K7D . . . that’s apparently what it’s called.  Word is, based on the ad spot above, that the Pentax K7D will be coming May 21, 2009.  The K7D name originates from a German forum user, who claims to be a Pentax dealer based on his forum signature.  Of course this could a ruse to get some traffic to his site, which I won’t link to here.  The price tag being tossed around is €1500.

Also in the mix is the release of the Pentax DA 60-250mm around April 24th.

Rumored specs for the Pentax K7D are also popping upon around the Interwebs.  Here’s a rumored list from

  • Square sensor? 1.3 crop factor.
  • A new, overhauled, excellent AF system
  • At least 5fps
  • 1.0x viewfinder
  • 720p video with audio
  • 1/8000 shutter
  • 2.7 or 3.0 inch VGA res screen

A second set of specs popped up on

  • Same sensor as the K20D
  • Up to 6400 ISO with better noise treatment
  • 5 images/sec
  • 100 % viewfinder
  • Better weatherproofing
  • Mirror lockup
  • Liveview and HD Video
  • Better stabilizer .
  • Better DRE mode
  • 77 zones light metering
  • Much better AF system even with non-SDM lenses
  • 3 inches/ 920 000 pixels screen with in-body editing (crop…)
  • 1/8000 shutter with 1/250 sync


  1. Christian says

    Don’t be fooled by the language, it’s an austrian website (.at, not .de). Germanys biggest independent pentax community is


  2. Jack says

    Prediction: This is the new Pentax answer to the point and shoot market. It will likley feature a SLR style appearance with a built in 18-200 zoom lens combined with a better sensor.

    Hoped for item: This will be a minor upgrade to the current K200d to include the Pentax K20 sensor added to a few minor hardware and software tweaks.

    Those wishing for a “medium format” digital camera are dreaming. The market is exceptionally limited for that expensive to produce / develop / support and market option. And to be blunt, Pentax cannot afford to take the market hit of producing medium format camera that will sell dozens (if that) while losing their remaining consumer SLR market (thousands of potential sales) to Nikon / Cannon / Sony by failing to release a new consumer level digital SLR camera.

  3. Steve Schaper says

    The second set of specs would fit a K30d quite well.

    The single-digit naming convention should be reserved for the professional models, presumably a FF, which they say they don’t know how to do, which is bizarre, considering their history in the 35mm market.

    To me, the 1.3 crop factor seems mighty peculiar and might come out in Olympus or Sony, but not Pentax.

    I’m hoping Pentax will be wise, so that my glass investment keeps its value. Otherwise I’ll have to switch to canikon in a few years.

  4. Brian says

    Obvious Jack you aren’t paying any attention. The lens on the front of the camera is clearly a limited, probably the 35mm F2.8 macro by the size. The dial is on the wrong side to have anything to do with the X70. K series means a 1.5x crop, all Pentax crop lenses (limiteds again) are 1.5x crop therefore this is also (or smaller). If it weren’t a crop body it would be called something other than K series.

  5. Kevin says

    All lurk and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The K-7 is Pentax’s answer to the point and shoot off at the mouth market.