Zacuto Gunstock Mount for DSLR Video

Introducing the DSLR Gunstock Shooters from Steve Weiss, Zacuto USA on Vimeo.

Shortly after the Canon 5D Mark II and Nikon D90 cameras were announced last Summer, Zacuto brought us some really cool video accessories to turn these hybrid-DSLRs into pro-capable video cameras.

Well, Zacuto just made things a lot better with their new gunstock rigs for DSLRs.

The key here is not to encage with metal, keeping it light at 6.5 lbs. including camera & follow focus make it the only true portable capable of shallow DOF.

Steve Weiss, product designer, Zacuto USA

They also became much more reasonable in price, going from the $5k range down to the $2k range.

More details on Zacuto’s site.



  1. says

    – This is really GREAT equipment that also demonstrates how much customers and accessory designers & manufacturers are taking the video capability of the EOS 5D Mark II seriously and professionally.

    – The remaining question still not answered is HOW LONGER will it take to Canon to release a Firmware Update allowing the users to have Full Manual Control in Movie mode, letting them use the camera for professional tasks and projects without the need of using “tricks” (one of them is using other brands manual lenses) to get (AT LEAST) some control to achieve the so remarked and advertised “amazing depth-of-field control” by Canon.

    – Canon’s “clarification” (page 3 of Revised White Paper) telling that depth of field can be controlled by the lens focal lenght and the distance to the subject is NOT a Real control, it is an obvious workaround that any photographer and videographer already knows, and does not give any “amazing depth-of-field control” at all.

    – The REAL depth-of-field control, as ANY photographer and videographer knows, is achieved controlling the Aperture setting along with those previous aspects, and NOT without Aperture control.

    – The worst situation is that MANY customers bought the camera relying in Canon’s statement of “depth-of-field control”:

    Page 6:”With it activated, photographers and videographers can capture high definition video with depth-of-field control found only in professional video models”

    Page 14: “It’s lighter, smaller, and lower-priced than most professional HD camcorders, yet provides amazing depth-of-field control, exposure compensation and white balance controls”

    – Thousands of people have expressed their request for Full Manual control in video mode (wich is an essential feature to allow the serious use of this camera, as it is meant to be) along with the existing Program mode, that CAN be implemented via Firmware Update (without any hardware change, with no redesign, with no big costs to Canon)

    CANON would certainly achieve a LOT more sympathy, loyalty, credibility and sales (on this camera and Canon lenses) if they simply deliver the huge potential the camera already has inside, that was advertised, but wasn not still given to the customers.