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PhotographyBLOG has posted a review of the Olympus SP-590UZ.

Its operational speed and high-ISO image quality might not be a match for DSLRs, with a very slow burst mode and noise appearing at the relatively slow setting of ISO 200, but it makes up for what it lacks in these departments by offering greater flexibility in a much more compact package.



  1. Laurence says

    I received my much anticipated Olympus SP-590UZ last Friday and realised it was a huge mistake.It is the most disapointing camera I have ever had and I have it for sale already.The Zoom is impressive but the focus is disapointing. Pictures are not at all sharp and the zoom is very slow especially in low light. The menu s confusing but may be a typical Olympus menu that needs to be learned.First and last Olympus camera I will ever buy.Besides the zoom, a lot of compact cameras run rings around this pathetic unit.Construction seems OK, but other than gimmiky functions (beauty mode, ultra zoom etc) it is a total waste of money.Buy anything else. If you have a good compact and want a zoom-maybe Nikon, Panasonic or Canon would be a better choice. Unlike me who bought it over the internet, try it out first then move on to something sensible.The SP-590UZ is not a sensible buy at any price.