Canon Refurbished Gear at Adorama

Adorama seems to have had an influx of Canon Refurbished gear (e.g., DSLRs, lenses, point & shoots, etc.) in the past couple of days.  Check out their entire list of gear.



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    Unfortunately, refurbished equipment is not like new inventory. The manufacturers only contact us when they have a batch to sell, therefore the availability is unpredictable. Thanks for posting the heads up that we now have a whole bunch of refurbished inventory in stock.

    For those who aren’t aware, all factory refurbished products from Adorama come with a 90 day return-to-Adorama warranty; 14 days from date of receipt for a full refund, and the balance for Repair or Replacement. They have all been restored to the exact manufacturer specifications by the original manufacturer.

    Refurbs may be ex-store demos, used in field tests or sales displays, items that have been ordered in error and returned to the retailer (who can’t then sell them as ‘new’ so they have to be sent back to the manufacturer for refurbishment.)

    Refurbs can also have simply been pulled from the production line if something appears faulty, or which haven’t passed the final inspection.
    Most of the time it is a very minor issue that needs correcting, nevertheless, once they are pulled from the normal flow of production, they get flagged as a refurbished model.

    A refurbished item will have been checked over by the manufacturer by hand, inspected very thoroughly, diagnosed, and calibrated by experienced technicians. So, it could actually turn out to be more dependable than a new item – which will only have been checked by a process of systematic quality control protocol (ie by random sampling as they come off the conveyor belt).

    The potential downside is that base warranty on refurbished is only 3 months versus 1 year on new……… however, if you purchase a MACK warranty at the same time, you bring the warranty to 3 years, so you actually have a longer warranty than with a new one.

    If you ever have any queries or concerns regarding an order from Adorama Camera or AdoramaPix, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.


    Helen Oster
    Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador