Canon Rebel T1i / 500D Announced

The Canon EOS Rebel T1i (also known as the 500D outside of the US) has finally been announced. As expected, the new T1i includes the ability to capture video. Additional key features are as follows:

  • 15.1 megapixel CMOS sensor
  • HD video capture (1080p at 20fps; 720p at 30fps
  • DIGIC 4 processor
  • 3″ LCD w/ 920k dot resolution
  • 3.4 frames per second
  • ISO 100 to 12800 sensitivity range

The Rebel T1i carries a list price of $799.99 and should be available in early May. Check availability on

Additional details and images in Photography Bay’s Canon Rebel T1i Reviews and Resources.

In addition to the Rebel T1i, Canon has released a new compact flash – the 270EX.



  1. says

    – This camera have nice specifications and could be very nice for entry level segment, but it should NOT be advertised as having “Full HD” video capability because in “Full HD” (wich refers to 1920×1080, 1080p) movie resolution it can ONLY record at 20 frames per second.

    The icon displayed on Canon’s website is correct: it tells “HD Movie”, BUT in the “Overview” and “Features” pages they clearly remark the “Full HD video capture” capability, and that may confuse some customers who don’t read the specifications carefully.

    This could also be used for advertising by retailers and stores. Customers should be aware that 1080p mode will record only at 20 fps (wich won’t be so smooth)

    However, in HD (1280×720, 720p) mode it can record at 30 fps, and that is VERY good, and makes it the cheapest DSLR offering “HD Movie” capture so far.

    – ALONG with implementing HD video on new DSLRs and making them affordable to customers, isn’t it time for Canon to Update the Firmware of the EOS 5D Mark II (wich costs $2,700; more than 3 times the price of T1i) to allow “Full” manual settings on Movie mode? (so necessary to use its capability for serious purposes, as the camera is aimed to)

    It IS possible, and it CAN be done. And it is requested Worldwide by thousands of people…
    Just check few of them requesting it:
    www . petitiononline . com/5dmark2/petition.html

    Is Canon waiting for Nikon announcing a new DSLR with “Full Manual control in Movie mode”, to then give their customers what they should have already been given?

    We hope they are working on it, to give “Full” manual control, and not only Aperture control in video mode.