Win a Free Think Tank Photo Streetwalker HardDrive Backpack

Here’s your chance to get your hands on a Think Tank Photo Streetwalker HardDrive backpack for free.  The Streetwalker HardDrive usually runs $179, but for one lucky reader it’s going to cost $0.

Photography Bay has one (1) Streetwalker HardDrive to give away courtesy of our friends at Think Tank Photo. I gave two thumbs up to this bag in my review earlier this week (read Think Tank Photo Streetwalker HardDrive Review).

What do I have to do to enter?

  1. Be a Photography Bay Newsletter Subscriber (use the form at the top right to sign up if you aren’t subscribed already); and
  2. Leave a comment on this post saying you want to win (or something to that effect).  Be sure to use the same email to subscribe to the newsletter as you do to fill in the comment form (so I know you are a subscriber).

When is the contest over?

A random winner will be chosen from eligible entries on March 31, 2009.

When will I get my bag?

I will contact the winner via email upon selection and obtain his or her shipping information.  I will then pass that along to Think Tank Photo to ship the backpack directly to the winner.

Can I unsubscribe from your newsletter?

Sure, anytime you want.  There’s an unsubscribe link in every newsletter that goes out.  But only current subscribers as of March 31, 2009 will be eligible to win.  So, if you don’t like the newsletter, you might wait until April 1 to hit unsubscribe.



  1. Will Lew says

    hi, i enjoyed your review. i would love to win the think tank backpack. thx. will lew

  2. says

    Hey! This blog really rocks and I enjoy reading it to keep up on the info and rumors coming from Canon, Nikon, Pentax… etc. This Think Tank StreetWalker looks like a serious piece of kit and I would love to win it. My future new D400 + Sigma 70-200 would suit it quite well ;)

  3. Robin Haas says

    I would like to be entered in the contest for the Think Tank Streetwalker HardDrive Backpack. I have been following this newsfeed for a while now and really enjoy the information I have picked up here.

  4. Dave Pierce says

    This bag would be a very welcome addition to my brand new K20D. Thanks for running the contest, it’s one of the reasons I enjoy checking this site daily.

  5. JKammen says

    Think tank streetwalker bag is made to handle everyday rigors of transporting photography equipment safely. Photography Bay delivers great photography information. Yes it would be nice to win the streetwalker but if not I still enjoy photography bay.

  6. says

    I would love to win this bag! I currently work with the smaller version of this but would love to be able to carry my laptop around in the same bag!

  7. Jose Padrón says

    Count on me for this generous contest.
    Photography Bay is a great place both for professional and amateur photographers. Thanks for your work. Cheers!

  8. vicente yrasuegui says

    I think the Think Tank StreetWalker looks and feels good for all of us but it is thinking to be with me! and if it does,i’ll share to all of you the feeling of a think tank StreetWalker connected to my mind thinking all about it.

  9. Rick Koetter says

    Cool! Thanks for keeping me up to date on all things photography. I love your site and I always look forward to seeing your email in my inbox. I would love to win this bag!!

  10. Tom P. says

    I want this bag, don’t make me nag, lets play tag!

    I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it.

  11. IrishSetter Hound says

    I am a subscriber who wants to “Win a Free Think Tank Photo Streetwalker HardDrive Backpack”! Whee! Free! Especially the “Free” part!

  12. says

    Looks like a great bag. I really need a bag for my 5D Mk II and its lenses and my MacBook Pro. My old bag’s camera portion forces the 5D a little bit, and won’t fit the 70-200 at all.

  13. Keith ahlstrom says

    I would love to replace my 15 year old well worn bag with this won. I would love to win it for myself but if I win I might just give it to my wife since she travels.

    Keeping my fingers crossed

  14. says

    I’ve just read this post

    – I would like to win this backpack

    After your review of the Think Tank Photo Streetwalker HardDrive Backpack, I added it to my list of items for next travel (as I already wrote yesterday in your original topic-review)

    I was surprised with the capacity and Functionability (handy to carry and use, fast access to gear, etc) of this bag.

    So here is my post telling I’m really interested on it :)

    Thanks a lot Eric, and thanks to Think Tank Photo too !

  15. Clifford says

    I could put this bag to some great use! I’m the winner!!! No others need apply. I WANT THAT BAG!!!

  16. kenneth j torlone says

    Hi I’m planning a photo safari to Africa

    This bag belongs on that trip !!!

  17. kathleen says

    I am on the point to exchange my Nikon D70 for a D700. A step in my career and my money. This precious camerea therefore deserves protection as a qualitative Think Tank Photo backpack Street Walker Hard Drive.

  18. Abraham Jr Ambo Garcia says

    Hi Eric, that’s one heaven of a bag for my photographic tools! I need the FREE Think Tank Photo Streetwalker HardDrive Backpack. Kindly, include me in the selection please. Kind regards and more good blessings for Cheers! – Abraham Jr in Brisbane

  19. The_Photo_Sniper says

    I remember reading your review of this bag and wishing that I had one of my own to put it to the test. While I don’t claim to carry as much on an everyday basis as you did, your listed load is a good equivalent for those occasions when I need everything but the kitchen sink with me. Please give me serious consideration and I’ll be only too happy to add a follow up review of my own on Photography Bay.

  20. says

    I’d like to enter for a chance to win this camera bag.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway Photography Bay!

    Good luck all.

  21. Wade Mackey says

    I love ThinkTank bags, just bought a DH20 for my 40D. I’d love to win this for travel.

  22. Robert LeHew says

    As a disabled photographer I’d sure like to have this bag to strap on the back of my wheelchair!

  23. Karen says

    I would love to win the Think Tank Streetwalker HardDrive Backpack. It looks lovely and will be very useful.

  24. Maureen Bond says

    would love to win this. I need something just like this instead of my purse! wish me luck!

  25. Steve H says

    I was considering a Think Tank bag before my next trip to Asia. The review convinced me this particular model is “airport friendly” (except that nothing was said about whether or not they wanted to “gut the bag” to inspect all the items at any airport – which is something I’m worried about). It’d be nice to try one of these out!

  26. Jerry O'Brien says

    I am an old man now and I could really use the Think Tank Backpack. What a great idea and a good way to promote such an item. Thank you for the good work and the very nice site. I learn something every time I read the postings.


    Jerry O’Brien

  27. Lawrence Pringle says

    I would love a bag like this….not in my price range at the moment though. Would be great to win it!

  28. Joe says

    Just read your post offering the Think Tank Photo Streetwalker HardDrive backpack. I’m in need of this very piece of equipment. And yes, I’m subscriber of your newsletter!

  29. Gene Manalastas says

    I’m in dire need of such a bag. My current bag can not accomodate the gear i now have and is quite outdated. I have a N d300 with an extended battery pack, 3 lenses, a tripod & some fold-up reflectors that i bring with me in my photo travels. I can assure you that this backpack will get a lot of media mileage if i will be fortunate enough to win it. Thank you

  30. Bill Grannis says

    I really could use a camera bag like the Think Tank as I was asked to photograph a nieces’s wedding this summer and will have to travel by plane so I need a good bag to carry my photo gear.

    I would like to win it!

    Thank you.

  31. Joel says

    Mine is BOTH a NEED and a WANT…Think Tank is NOT available from where I am in the world.

    I’m a new subscriber… quite happy opening my mail every morning and getting the latest news on photography without having to search…we’re so busy out here in Dubai, mind you.


  32. Howard Jaffe says

    I am the only person who is truly deserving of this backpack. If I am indeed selected, I can promise that I will use to to transport my camera and lenses to important places and shoot historic pictures that will live on in infamy. I will also promise to make sure everyone knows that my photos could not have been possible without the generosity of photography bay which made the ultimate sacrifice in providing me the one tool I required to make sure I had everything I needed to capture the best possible shots. I plan to be the official White House photographer some day and show the World some candid photos of President Barack Obama playing with his kids Sasha and Melia in his second term, after he has solved the U.S. economic crisis, thanks to my photos of tent cities which will be published in Time and Newsweek. All because of this very special backpack. Thank you and Good Night!

  33. Richard Hearing says

    Be kind to those over the pond I feel the need have no room in my small camera bag just think of the shots I would shot have all my kit in one place think of my bulgeing arms as i carry up younder hill at least Ican dream….

  34. says

    In real need of this backpack as I dont have one, and neither can afford one for the equipment. I would love to win this…

  35. Alistair says

    re: Your post offering the Think Tank Photo Streetwalker HardDrive backpack. I’m in dire need of this very piece of equipment. And yes, I’m subscriber of your excellent newsletter!

  36. Alan Gornstein says

    This backpack is just what I need for the new G1 kit. Great contest. Pick me!

  37. Rex Tan says

    I love this bag… :)
    and thanks for the newsletter, i did learn a lots and know a lots of photography product.

  38. Richard Kealy says

    Love to Win this item, the Streetwalker.A class Pack from a Class Act Forum!!
    Really Need It.

  39. says

    * * * Yes, I’d love to win a ThinkTank Streetwalker HD. * * * I’ve been stuffing my photo gear in my laptop bag to qualify as carry-on luggage and it doesn’t remotely fit or do the photo gear any good. This would be SUCH an IMPROVEMENT!

  40. josk41 says

    Hi, I enjoy your newsletter. I’d love to win the photo-bag.
    Keep all that good news coming.

  41. Gary Knight says

    There is a practical medical reason that I would like to win this bag. I have spent the last 10 months having 3 surgeries for a non-smoker’s lung cancer, the last of which occurred two weeks ago to close a wound required to debride a MRSA infection from around the lung, which infection was acquired in the hospital during my first surgery. I will soon be able to travel and carry my camera bag, but a backpack bag as opposed to a single shoulder bag will be much more comfortable given the extent of the surgery on my side and back that has occurred to date as well as the need to balance the weight of the cameras across my back and not just on one shoulder. Thanks for your consideration.

  42. says

    Thanks for the great info and reviews.
    The Think Tank Streetwalker is a perfect fit for my location and event photography. It is a HUGE plus that it fits in the domestic airline’s overhead compartment. I would love to win this bag!

  43. bene.b says

    Great site and a great review (of a great bag of course hehe)
    I could need the bag too so I’d like to win of course :)

  44. Lorraine Mize says

    I want to win the Think Tank Photo Streetwalker HardDrive backpack. Thanks for choosing me!!

  45. Ioan T says

    Seems to be a enough large bagpack for a complete photo equimpent! Looky person who will have it.

  46. Abhilash D Raj says

    Yes i love this bag.
    And in need of one of these.
    Me too in contest.
    Its very kind of u that u placed the bag on the contest.

  47. Toby says

    i always win in these things, i always win in these things, please, please, make me win in one of these things.

  48. Cobra8ball says

    I just got laid off, divorced, my house got foreclosed on, my kids hate me, and now even my faithful companion yorkie can’t stand me!! I sure would luv to win this bag!!


  49. Prajwal says

    hey….give it to me :)…..I really need it….actually that’s the product I was waiting for..

  50. says

    I want to win! I have to lug all my gear back across the entire US and Canada to get home and this would be a wonderful addition!

  51. John Cordileone says

    Wanting to win this bag is a “No Brainer”,
    because it is built to “LAST”.

  52. Mike says

    Pick me – the others don’t deserve it as much, and I’m good lookin’ so my pic.won’t scare people. Some of these guys are BEHIND the camera for a good reason!

  53. Davor says

    best regards from Croatia too Photography Bay and too everyone who leave a comment.
    I am a proud owner of PENTAX K20D for several months and I truly enjoy in making photos, specialy off my kids,pets and travels.I am not expekting too win because I allready use my luck (two helty and smart doughters and fully understanding wife for my hobby), but my compliment too Photography Bay on idea too give presents. Do this more ofentlich.

  54. Lisa Murner says

    How nice of Think Tank. Try these bags at your local store if you haven’t already. I love the comfort from the pad on the back of the streetwalker, and I am looking to try the rotation 360, but I have to travel a few extra miles to find it. I tried every bag from every company and I will own a Think Tank. I’t would be a delight to win it!

  55. JayL says

    I would love to win this bag. Going to Houston in 2 weeks. Perfect timing ! Thanks for consideration. I’m also getting your updates via RSS. Good job !

  56. says

    I wanna win dis bag.

    I have one Tink Tenk already and it
    is excellent quality.

    All the other people in this contest
    are AIG executives and should not win
    because they already got everything else.


  57. Dylan says

    I’d love to win this Think Tank bag.

    Since there’s no retailers in Australia that sell Think Tank gear (and I have no idea why, given their stellar reputation), winning this bag is almost the only way I could get one.

  58. says

    great looking bag, would solve my travel problems with my kit when i go on holiday!! my current bag is too small to take all the ‘extras’ but i’m loathe to splash out on a new one….

  59. Chris S. says

    I would love to win this bag…it would be a great addition to my new purchase of Nikon D90 around April 15th….

  60. says

    I’m a big Think Tank belt system fan and I’m in need of a new backpack so this would pretty much be perfect for me! Thanks for running a nice website and some cool contests.

  61. Trevillyn says

    I’e just bought an E-30 to add to my E-510 and four lenses. I bought a new bag before the E-30 and now it’s too small. Please take pity on an impoverished English Gentleman and allow him to walk away with this lovely big bag. please..please………..pretty please……

  62. TxKn says

    Just Upgraded My Nikon D300 With A Couple of Big Lens
    I need this Bag because My old Think Tasnk is to small
    Besides I’m New Here.

  63. Doug W says

    It would be great to have a great new Think Tank Harddrive backpack to carry around my stuff when I travel to the Ukraine in June.

  64. Mike Mahaffey says

    I need this bag badly. I just got rid of two Tamrac backbacks to get this bag. Pick me! Please!

  65. Britton Brandy Go says

    hope im not too late to win this! this bag looks sweet without that “im a photographer” attitude.

  66. Ramon E. Garcia Jr. says

    looks like a great bag to carry everything, when i’m off doing training programs out of town. my laptop, my G9, my SLR, flash and all my lenses. plus it leaves room for another SLR body that i’m planning to get by the end of this year.

    but what i really, really, really like about it is the brand: Think Tank.

    as a consultant, that really works for me.

  67. says

    This bag is awesome for my wedding shoot!
    I’ve dreamt about getting one but really out of my reach!
    So please, please, please pick me! ;-)

  68. Ben says

    Think Tank puts out a quality line of bags, I would love to win the Think Tank Photo Streetwalker Harddrive Backpack :-)

  69. Michael Seljos says

    I would love to have this. I do so much field photography in the American Southwest, this would be a great addition to my gear.

  70. George Hsia says

    It’s a great looking bag and I love Think Tank products. I’d love to win this bag. Thanks for having this give-away.

  71. Martine says

    This is THE bag! Been watching it the since previous newsletter! I really need it and would love to get it freebee thanks to Photography Bay & Think Tank!

  72. Basheer Ahmed says

    Hi,it is wonderfull to read the review to learn more about photography.I wish I could the kit(backpack)

  73. Greg says

    I need this bag!! Yeah, yeah everyone says that… but i if you saw the state of my current photo backpack you would have to agree, no brainer! haha. Please, i need a new bag.

  74. says


    I am getting lot of information via Photography Bay Newsletter and sharing those info to my friends.

    So i am the first guy to getting this bag in my group because it’s very usefull to carry my laptop d60 and lenses and it leaves space to carry my manual nikon fm10 and flash and battery with charger.

    The brand bag is my dream so sure i will win this time.

    Rajkumar V

  75. Becky says

    I am new to getting this emailI am a fulltime Wife and Mom ,We love camping,Disney and
    we make Saturday family day taking day trips I also am a avid scrapbooker .My husband just bought me my first DSLR the Sony A300 with lens kit.I would love this bag to keep my new treasure safe.I appricate your newsletter and hope to hear more about This Sony camera in the future.I’d love this Backpack.
    Thank you

  76. Chris Vautrin says

    New to your site, the layout is wonderful, I especially like both the one-page style reviews and the tone and content of your reviews. Whether I win this terrific bag or not, please keep up the great work.

  77. Matt Miller says

    I want to win a Think Tank Backpack…doesn’t everyone? Pick Meeee!

  78. says

    I really enjoyed your review of the bag. Actually thinking I might buy one (that is of course if I don’t win your gracious contest!



  79. Lori Larson says

    Love Photography Bay! Love Think Tank stuff! Would love to win!
    Thanks for throwing a contest!

  80. Kevin says

    This bag looks awsome, just did a shoot where I had to take two different bags to carry all my equipment and probably could have place everything in this one bag. Hope to win to see for myself.

  81. Stephen McMath says

    Sure would be great to have a camera-specific backpack! Thanks for another informative photo website.

  82. Geoffrey says

    I’ve a “lifetime” photo trip planned for May and would dearly love this. Thanks for giving us a chance!


  83. Phil Kindschuh says

    That backpack would really be a nice thing to stuff my little Nikon D50 into, along with my lenses and my Macbook Pro.

    Do I want to win? Hell yeah! I want to win!
    I’m seldom lucky in these kinds of contest giveaways, but you never know… this could be my turn. Cheers, and thanks for the chance to enter.

  84. Dana Schagunn says

    I have been reading stellar reviews on the Think Tank bags and would really like an opportunity to use one.

  85. says

    I want to acquire this bag because it is the most honorable
    thing you can do to support our country in its time of crisis — as well as supporting older Americans who have consistently paid their taxes throughout the years and have
    been loyal American citizens. In short, truth, honor, and the American way will prevail and withstand the throes of the present difficulty.

    In short, Gimme the damn bag!!!!!!!!!!!!