New Canon DSLR Coming March 25th?

I’ve seen this date in the rumor mill a couple of times now, and it now appears to be in full swing with a press conference scheduled by Canon for March 25.  No details on which one it might be, but popular opinions suggest either a Rebel series update (EOS 500D) or a 1D Mark III update.

Fire away with your thoughts or derogatory remarks (just keep it clean) in the comments below.



  1. Ralf says

    I expect a beefed up 450D (500D) with Video and a price reduction for the 1000D.

    And no, I’m not shooting with Canon and not with Nikon.

  2. Fisheye's says

    In fact the PMA was just bashed by the main manufacturers, the US market is not rentable actually and it’ll be not crazy to think about a retirement of Canon from the US this year to back to the old way :


  3. jwylie says

    Seems odd to wait until after PMA to announce. Oh well. At least they are guaranteed all the attention that way…

  4. says

    I’m rather a bit frustrated that Canon dealers are not that sensitive to queries from users. I’m a happy Canon user but unfortunately Canon Singapore hardly replies to my queries regarding Canon cameras and accessories.

    I would request Canon corporte head quarters in Japan to set up a customer/user queries reply section somewhere else.