Name Your Dream Assignment

I see Thomas Hawk write on a regular basis that “the best photographs in the world have yet to be taken.”  I think that statement pretty much sums up the Name Your Dream Assignment contest.  This is a unique photo contest in which the contestants have yet to take their dream photos on their dream assignment.

Name Your Dream Assignment is not looking for the best photo; they’re looking for the best idea. The most creative, inspiring, never-before-seen photo shoot idea.

Everyone will have a chance to vote on their favorite idea, and a panel of judges will select from the top 20 most creative and inspiring suggestions.

And it’s the idea that counts. You don’t need to be a pro photographer, or even to have a portfolio. All you need is a dream.

The winner will get a $50,000 cash award plus lots of goodies including a Lenovo ThinkPad W700 notebook computer with Windows Vista, specially designed for photographers.

Public voting ends April 3, so the sooner you enter the better chance you’ll have for getting those votes. Learn more about Name Your Dream Assignment.



  1. David R. says

    My dream assignment ? To be a photo reporter. I mean a REAL photo reporter, like in Vietnam or in Kosovo, not one of those lame people who pretend to be journalists.

    “Vietnam war is over”, “It could not be done anymore”, you say? Of course it could, it just a matter of funding. $50000 is plenty to go and shoot what is going on in Tibet.

  2. TCL says

    I really don’t understand the “quantity over quality” approach to photography. Like Hawk, I could go to a museum and take pictures of all the displays while I wait to get thrown out by one of the staff members, but it kind of seems like a waste of time to me, photography-wise. Perhaps eventually he’ll improve his skills that way, though, who knows.