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  1. rishi
    Aug 29 - 9:42 am

    Hi.I want to which one is better camera sony hx1 or canon sx1

  2. Don
    Jan 11 - 9:05 pm

    Tried a Nikon P90 for a week. 1200 test shots. Only 10% acceptable for printing under MANY shooting conditions. Compared this to same test images shot on both my D300 & D80 at the same time. Absolutely no comparison in color rendition, sharpness, noise, detail & ability to work under low light. All in all, Nikon’s most disappointing product in my 39 yrs owning Nikons. Took it back for a refund.

    Now looking at Canon SX1S & Lumix FZ35 for a daily “carry camera”. Have you reviewed the new Lumix? Is there any comparison in photo quality between the 2? There seems to be many similarities aside from the street price difference & size/weight & difference in max resolution (which may not be a plus (bigger isn’t always better). Not much difference in photo quality between my D300 & D80 backup camera under many similar shooting situations for the 2mp sensor difference.

    Pls advise if you can. Have been researching for several months & there’s a new camera model leaving the factory every week.

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