Pretec 666x CF Cards

The Pretec 666x CF cards, also known as Satan’s memory cards, are capable of transfer speeds of 100MB per second.  More details and specs are in the press release below.  And, yes, the Satan bit was a joke.

Las Vegas, Nevada. March 3rd, 2009 - Pretec, creator of the highest capacity CompactFlash card in the world (100GB) and the fastest CF card in the world (433X), continues today its record braking history in the field of speed and capacity by unveiling the extraordinary 666X CF card, the world’s fastest CF card at PMA CFA booth at LVCC South Hall K286 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Four times faster than a typical CF card, Pretec 666X CF’s dazzling 100MB/s speed is the largest speed boost in CF history. 666X CF card is the newest member of Pretec’s family of innovative flash memory cards, consistently first to market in high speed and capacity products; 233X and 333X CF cards were introduced by Pretec at Taipei in 2007, 64GB CF card started shipping in Sept. 2008, and 433X CF card were launched at Birmingham UK in Feb. 2009. Pretec 666X CF card will likely also be the last of the high speed CF card in the CompactFlash industry, since 100MB/s speed is approaching the theoretical maximum speed of CF specification, which is 133MB/s. CompactFlash Association ( has released the new generation of the CF specification, CFastTM, which breaks the speed limit from 133MB/s of the Parallel ATA (PATA) standard to 3Gb/s (375MB/s) Serial ATA (SATA II) architecture while keep the small and popular original CF mechanical form factor. Pretec has announced the world’s 1st CFastTM since CES 2009 in Las Vegas, also demonstrated here in CeBIT and PMA; which will continue to be the speed and capacity leader (up to 6Gb/s) in small form factor memory card for the years to come.

With metal housing and ruggedized construction, Pretec 666X CF card provides extensive ruggedness making the card resistant to impact & shock – at least 10 times more durable than a typical CF card, and enables photographers to make the best use of rapid capture of high resolution pictures in the studio, streets or elsewhere with confidence and piece of mind even under the most severe conditions.

Pretec’s PMA booth is featuring “Double 100″ this year, with dual breakthrough of CF capacity in 100MB, and CF speed in 100MB/s; approaching the end of an era with legendary CompactFlash, and pointing to the next rising star of CFastTM.

Pretec 666X CF card will start sampling by April from capacities of 4GB to 64GB.

About Pretec

PretecTM ( offers a complete spectrum of small form factor memory cards and card readers such as CF, SD/MMC, USB Flash Drive, and wireless communication devices for digital imaging, mobile communication, and industrial flash markets. As the 2nd company in the world to offer CF cards since 1995 and the company to create CF I/O and SD I/O cards since 1998, Pretec has consistently demonstrated the highest capacity flash cards in the world: such as CF 3GB, 6GB, 12GB, 16GB, 24GB, 48GB, 64GB, 100GB and SD 4GB, SDHC 8GB, 16GB, 32GB; the fastest flash card in the world: such as CF 80X and 333X, 433X, 666X, SD 133X, and USB 166X, 233X. With more than 200 patents granted or filed, Pretec has also been offering the smallest USB flash drive in the world with unique technology: such as i-Disk Tiny (“Best Gear of 2003″ by TIME Magazine) and i-Disk Diamond; the most reliable flash card in the world: such as rugged PCMCIA, rugged CF card, and i-Disk Bulletproof, a water-proof, fire-proof, and bullet-proof USB flash drive.

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  1. Joe Whitehead says

    Aww, where do I get one of these speed demons to boot my laptop off of? Before you know it, there’ll be some on sale at Newegg! :)

  2. says

    So I have the PreTec 64GB 567x card – beware those with Canon cameras – I have the 5D MK II firmware 1.10 and even with the card formatted as 64GB of FAT32 only 7.37GB of the card is usable, once that limit’s reached the camera throws a CF Err 2 code. Formatting of the card in the camera causes the card to be partitioned with a 7.37GB partition and the remaining space to be left unallocated! If you do format the card in the camera then you will probably need Swiss Knife to remove the partition (be VERY careful to select the card and not delete a partition from a drive you actually want to continue using!) and then use the HP DriveKey format utility (only the latest versions will work) to reformat the card (it will repartition the card at the same time if there is no partition on it already), this is the only format utility (unless you have a Win 98 box handy) that will format a FAT32 partition with over 32GB of space (which is entirely within the FAT32 spec).

    I expect this problem to be fixed by a firmware update from Canon and from all indications this is in no way a reflection on PreTec… but all the same beware before buying any 64GB CF card for a Canon camera….

  3. Thomas says

    Thanks Alex, I’ve just purchased a 5d Mark II two weeks ago and was looking to get the biggest and fastest card out there. Is there a real benefit of getting these super capacity and fast read/write CF cards? The camera can only shoot 3.9 frames per second anyway. Seems like that the best this camera would benefit from the card is just more storage. What would you say is the best storage and speed CF card for this camera?