Sony a200/a300 Replacement

A tipster sent in possible info today on a replacement for the Sony A200/A300 DSLRs.

Today I spoke with a friend in a technical service of Sony in […redacted…] and he told me that is possible Sony announce the new a200/a300 substitute Alpha in April.

Just one camera for 2 actual model.

It will use the same a700 sensor and will have LV with phase detection AF. The LCD will be tilting, HD and touch screen. The design will be equal to a200 with a bigger OVF than a200 and
pentmirror. It also will have video HD 720p and 30fps with AF.

Is very probably that Sony incorporate a new feature called “Touch Quick Edition”.

The redacted portion discloses a specific location that I have removed to prevent the identification of the tipster and the friend from Sony.

It would make sense for Sony to consolidate some of the Alpha models, though I would think the A300 and A350 were more ripe for consolidation.  If true, maybe it just means that the low-end Alpha DSLR will now feature Live View – something that the A200 missed out on.

What are your thoughts?



  1. says

    That would be very welcomed.

    I’ve considered the A350, but the lack of video (even if not used much – have proper camcorder) is putting me off dumping my P&S. Just a little. This change would pretty much blow that concern out of the water. The other issue was that I prob don’t need the 14MP A350, yet the 300 is harder to get in UK (less price competitive) and the A200 doesn’t have LV.

    Only thing left? Concern that the sony’s simple sensor wobble isn’t as effective as Olympus’s lens cleaning option. But probably wouldn’t stop me…

  2. LEdgars says

    Seems it could be pretty realistic. Updated sensor, LV and Video. I’m rather buy A900 even without video.

  3. Laydros says

    I think an HD LCD makes the whole thing seem fake. It would be very expensive, and considering the highest pixel density SLRs now have VGA resolution, HD wouldn’t provide much benefit in a screen that small. Everything else sounds possible, although expensive.

    I hope they would bring the A700’s great sensor to the lower end, but since all the camera makers seem so focused on increasing megapixels, I expect it would be more likely that the A350s 14MP sensor would find it’s way into the lower cameras.

  4. Kevin says

    I currently see that as a very good move, I would also like to see a FF replacement for the A700. One thing we can count on is Sony will be innovative (just as Minolta was in the 355mm slr’s).
    Can’t wait to see what they produce!!