Dust-Aid Introduces Dust-Shield, Dust-Swabs and Dust-Jet

Dust-Aid has 3 new products appearing at PMA which are designed to help you get or keep dust off your DSLR sensor. More details and images from Dust-Aid’s press release below.


Bend, Oregon- February 17, 2009- Today DUST-AID introduced several new DSLR camera sensor filter dust prevention products and cleaning products; the Dust-Shield is focused on the prevention of dust by blocking particulates from entering the mirror chamber, the Dust-Swabs with Sensor Light is an illuminated swab for shining light and cleaning a sensor filter in a dark mirror chamber, and the Dust-Jet which contains a replaceable filter to clean air blown through the bellows of the blower. These new products deliver breakthrough features that make them truly unique products.

Preventing DSLR mirror chamber dust just got easier with Dust-Shield.

The Dust-Shield is unlike any other DSLR camera sensor cleaning product currently available. What makes it so unique is that it focus’s on preventing dust from entering the DSLR camera mirror chamber. This is accomplished by sealing off the DSLR cameras mirror chamber through the use of an optically clear polymer. Now, when one changes lenses, dust and debris are deflected from entering the mirror chamber and won’t contaminate the sensor filter, reflex mirror or focus screen. The Dust-Shield is designed not to obstruct image quality or lens performance through the use of a very high light transmittance polymer.

Ron Neibrugge, from Niebrugge Images in Alaska has been testing the Dust-Shield and comments on the comparison of photos taken with and without the Dust-Shield saying “I closely inspected both images at 100%, and frankly, I couldn’t see any difference. I have zero concerns over image quality with this product.” David Newton, a product reviewer for Canon Professional Network agrees stating “the Dust-Shield did not seem to have adversely affected the image quality in any visible way.”

The Dust-Shield is a truly unique product that helps to prevent dust from entering the DSLR camera mirror chamber and does not affect image quality. This is a patent pending product.

Illuminate your DSLR sensor filter wet cleaning with Dust-Swabs.

The Dust-Swabs with Sensor Light has put a spotlight on wet sensor cleaning, literally! It’s now very easy to see what you are cleaning with the illuminated handle of the Sensor Light. With just a simple twist of the handle, the swab is draped in light. When the swab is placed inside of the camera, the whole mirror chamber fills with light and makes it very easy to see what you are cleaning. This translates to safer and easier cleaning of ones DSLR camera. Another feature are the replaceable Dust-Swabs that fit right into the dome of the Sensor Light. The Dust-Swabs are shaped like half circles in order to avoid contacting the mirror chamber walls when cleaning. Now, with the Dust-Swabs and Sensor Light it is possible to actually see what you’re cleaning, a true advancement in swab technology. This is a patent pending product.

To filter or not to filter, you decide with the Dust-Jet.

The Dust-Jet hand operated bulb blower provides the user with the freedom of choices. Unlike other bulb blowers, the Dust-Jet allows the end user to decide if they wish to filter their blown air or not. It includes replaceable filter membranes that can be inserted into the bulb for filtering the air. This option also makes it easy to replace filters if they become contaminated with debris and limit air flow. The nozzle features an effective check valve for directing air flow and a short nozzle design to insure safety to the camera and its parts when cleaning. This is a patent pending product.

DUST-AID ignited a new concept in the sensor cleaning industry with its flagship product that was named after the company in 2007. Today, DUST-AID continues to reinvent and develop new and innovative ways to clean and prevent dust from degrading digital images captured by their DSLR camera customers.

Learn more about Dust-Aid at www.Dust-Aid.com



  1. jwylie says

    The dust shield seems kind of cool. I wonder how it will work in practice and if there would be any autofocus issues from reflected light or whatever.

  2. leo says

    It still is something between your sensor and lens. If this makes no difference, why should not Canon or Nikon place a protecor at that place? I like the dust-aid platinum silicone sensor cleaner very much, if my brushes can not do the job anymore. But I want to read more reviews about the Dust-shield.