Reader Question: Which Superzoom Camera?

Here’s a new reader question that I received from Patel via email.

Can you provide me the details as I am totally confused with the digital camera that i have to purchase. My target is 400$(US). I am more interested in optical zoom digital camera. I am totally confused between Panasonic DMC-FZ28, latest Nikon P90 (that is going to be launched on April 9th) , Panasonic DMC-ZS3. I want digital camera with the best photo and video quality.

You guys have rocked with the past several reader questions.  I’m sure you guys also have some great advice for Patel, who is clearly interested in superzoom cameras that offer solid image and video quality.

Which one is the best?

What cameras has Patel failed to list that he should consider?

Why is the camera that you recommend better than others?

Fire away in the comments below.



  1. says

    I would always choose the one which got out in public first. the Fz28 has many more user, who can tell some tricks and hints about the cam than the p90 users. By the way here in germany the panasonic is a lot cheaper…
    greetings from bochum, germany

  2. says

    One should also consider the Olympus SP-590UZ ultra-zoom digital camera which features a 26X zoom lens! I’m thinking the Nikon would have the best image quality and cost a bit more. My first good digi was the Panasonic FZ20 which I was very happy with. I’ll be waiting until the reviews come to make a decision.

  3. sally says

    All superzoom cameras really suck in low-light situations, even more than other classes of compact cameras. The tiny sensors are very noisy and the built-in flashes are very weak and harsh. If you really want a superzoom camera and plan to ever use it indoors, then buy one with a hot shoe so you can attach a nice external flash.

  4. Danielle says

    Nikon D40 is much better than any of these. These superzoom cameras have tiny sensors, long shutter lag times, and poor high ISO performance. The D40 has a large sensor, is fast, and has good high ISO performance and costs only $409 including lens.