The Nikon Creative Lighting System by Mike Hagen

The Nikon Creative Lighting System is a new book from Mike Hagen which explores (you guessed it) the Nikon Creative Lighting System, or CLS, as we so affectionately call it. It retails for $34.95, but can be had for $23.07 at as of the time of this posting.  I’m sure all the Strobist gearheads will want to take a closer look a this on.

More details in the press release below.

Santa Barbara, CA—In this newest book from Rocky Nook, The Nikon Creative Lighting System (Rocky Nook, $34.95 USD), Mike Hagen opens up a whole new world to those photographers who are already well versed in photography, but may not have a clue about flash photography.

With the new and rapidly evolving technology, flash photography (especially advanced light modeling with modern iTTL flash systems) has become an art in itself and should be mastered by all aspiring photographers—amateurs as well as professionals—who are often helpless when it comes to using the full potential of these systems.

Using a simple, step-by-step method for setting up and using the newest Nikon iTTL flash units, Mike teaches all the steps required to achieve consistent and amazing flash photos. He solves the common frustrations associated with flash, and specifically teaches how to use the SB-600, SB-800, and SB-900 strobes. Also included is a chapter showing system configuration so readers can duplicate the desired results on their own.

Beginning at a basic level and then progressing to more advanced techniques, Mike teaches everything you need to know about using Nikon’s iTTL flash system.



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    I have recently started using the facility of this exceptional flash management system and have to say that it is very easy and incredibly versatile. I have a D700 which has a built in commander and it makes firing the off camera flash very simple. I have produced results using the off camera flash that wouldn’t have been possible without the CLS.

    If you can think of amazing lighting effects that you have seen produced in a studio, you can pretty much achieve the same thing utilising the CLS outdoors without a mass of lumbering kit and kaboodle.

    Want to make your life easier and get creative… get this system!