ColorRight Review at Wired

Wired has posted a quick review of the ColorRight white balance tool.

Results in the field are fantastic; we had no issue with balancing various hues up perfectly. And though it may sound a bit complicated to work through, it’s not – once you nail the process it takes mere seconds to dial the right color balance.

Also, check out Photography Bay’s in-depth ColorRight Review.



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    Thanks for the link, I’ve been waiting for a few in depth reviews of this tool – looks promising. We have a skating rink here in town when the sodium vapour lights “pulsate” destroying the most careful colour balance. I don’t think this tool will help.

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    The tool will definitely help, however, to ensure you don’t get caught in an “off cycle” of the light make sure to lower your shutter speed below 1/80th of a second when taking the measurement and when taking the final shot.

    This also applies to some fluorescent lighting as well.