1. Peter says

    The price being asked for this camera is an insult to consumers, particularly given the presence of cameras like the 5DMkII and the A900.

  2. Peter says

    Have done, thank you Albert.

    But having done so, doesn’t change the fact this thing is grossly overpriced. Very noble of you to “stick up” for your employer.

  3. says

    Peter, what exactly is “grossly overpriced”?

    Also, I didn’t know I even had an employer! Thanks for shedding light on my identity, I was searching for it for so long. Now I am complete, once again.

    Seriously, I’m merely stating what I believe is the obvious; if you can’t afford it, go for something you can, or instead make it become affordable. If the Arctic isn’t your thing, there’s always Barbados, that or stay and work on… melting the ice caps. Get my drift?

    You already seem to have found your way in any case, you switched. So who cares if the D3x is launched at 8000$ or 80000$ at this point? In comparison, a professional studio rental costs around 7000-10000$ a MONTH in a niche location, here in my city. 8000$ for a professional tool that will help you recover its cost and then some after a few contracts isn’t so bad in my opinion, specially with the kind of quality I’ve seen it generate in the right hands.

    All the best.

  4. says

    I also believe Canon’s top of the line, the 1ds Mk3 started at 8000US$ in its beginnings. It’s now priced at 6500$ on

  5. Roderick says

    Albert – what a bunch of BS. You talk a mile w/o answering a thing. The time is right for you to repent and return to film.

    Please do so now, then you won’t have to spend your time trolling websites – you can be taking pictures as you purport to be “a pro”.

    Repent and return to film

  6. Doug says

    I wonder if this is the same Albert trolling around audio shows telling the manufacturers how to set up their systems?? PFO?? Go figure…he’s got a word for everyone.