Canon 5D Mark II Review at Pro Photo Home

Pro Photo Home has published a review of the Canon 5D Mark II‘s video capabilities with some very harsh words about the feature (like a “disaster”).

The point here is to review the video mode for the regular purchaser of the cam. They will most likely be disappointed in the video mode. I didn’t bother to mention how “fiddly” the whole operation is compared to a proper pro camcorder with zoom controls, a shoulder mount, etc., etc.

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    Wow, what a horrible review. He uses AF for professional film shooting? I’ve never seen that happen myself. MF is the only thing that works for me. Sure, if you want 12-minute-long takes of the camera constantly working to keep up with the action, this isn’t the camera for you. Not sure what would be. Maybe a point-and-shoot with inf. focus and IS or something.