1. Adam says

    The model is drop-dead gorgeous. The images suck. The person taking the images should have that camera taken away from them and given a point-and-shoot!

  2. Bob Agens says

    Somehow the people that first get their hands on new cameras are usually terrible photographers.

  3. says

    Just as I feared… If these first images are a true representation of the D3X, then Nikon has sacraficed incredable low noise capabilites for pixil count. Guess I won’t be selling my D3 anytime soon. Too bad, I sure would like a body that allowed the use of both Fx & DX lenses with out sacraficing so much resolution at the DX end AND was a low light performer. For the forseeable future Guess I’m burdened with two complete sets of lenes & bodies… $8,000.00! Hmmmm…Canon? Hmmm.

  4. Roderick says

    I agree, let’s get these guys and roll ’em around in some dirt then we’ll give ’em each some old film camera while we make off with the the time they realize they’ve been duped…we’ll be gone…