Nikon D3 Getting Cheap . . . Relatively Speaking

It seems the price of the Nikon D3 has been falling, making it more “affordable.”  That’s if you call the $4k range “affordable” compared to the $5k range.

Amazon has it for $4384.  Third-party Amazon retailers go under $4300.

Adorama goes a little cheaper at $4299.95

B&H Photo, however, takes the cake at $4,198.95.

What’s causing the drops in price?

I think the Nikon D700 may be cannabilizing the D3 a bit.  Canon’s 5D Mark II low price tag (again, relatively speaking) can’t be helping either.

I could be wrong though. Maybe it’s something like the rumored D3x/D4 that’s causing the price drop?  Any thoughts?



  1. Roderick says

    Why the price drop? I agree with all the reasons you’ve stated…

    For the D3X/4 or whatever it will be, I have this naive desire to see something around 18mp on a full-frame sensor…in the hope of providing excellent noise control with plenty enough resolution for those of us not making billboard ads for a living…

    Also, in my naivete, it would be nice to see more attention to basic camera build quality, but the 35mm market seems to be going completely mad for gimmicks. I find it so discouraging, I’m wondering if I can scrounge up the $$ for a Mamiya, H’blad or Leica…

  2. says

    Yesterday I was a at a an open house put on by a local photo shop. Specifically, I asked the Nikon rep about a D3x/D4… He responded that we won’t see anything by Christmas, but it will be first quarter next year. I asked about competition with the 5D, and others, he responded by reminiscing about when the D3 came out, and how it was so far ahead of the competiton. He said that this is how this new camera would be. So, he said to make sure that there was a lot of money in the checking account, bc this wasn’t going to be cheap.

    Also of note, in regards to the name, He said that it wouldn’t be a D4. When they have gone with number changes, it has been with big model changes. We shouldn’t be seeing a D4, but likely a D3ish model.

    Of course, he could have been pulling my leg, but seemed pretty candid talking to me… We will see in a little bit.