Seagate FreeAgent Go Drive “Fall” Photo Contest

Photography Bay and Seagate invite you to bring your best “Fall” photo for a chance to win 1 of 3 Seagate FreeAgent Go drives – a 500GB, 320GB and 250GB model for first, second and third place, respectively.

How To Enter

  1. Take your best “Fall” themed photograph.
  2. Upload it to your Flickr account. (Don’t have one?  Sign up.  It’s free.)
  3. Tag your photo “seagate” and “fall”.
  4. Add your photo to the Photography Bay Group Pool.
  5. That’s it.  You’re entered.
  6. You may only enter once for this contest.  Any more than one entry will result in disqualification.  You may submit as many photos to the Photography Bay Group Pool as you wish; however, you should only tag your entry photo as “seagate” and “fall”.  You may tag other photos as “fall” – just don’t add the “seagate” tag and the photo will not count as an entry.  The contest is limited to North America (Canada, US & Mexico) only.

Deadline for Entries

You have until November 24, 2008 at 11:59p.m. Eastern Time to submit your photo for the contest.


  1. First Place – Seagate FreeAgent Go Drive 500GB ($240 value)
  2. Second Place – Seagate FreeAgent Go Drive 320GB ($140 value)
  3. Third Place – Seagate FreeAgent Go Drive 250GB ($120 value)

I’ve been using the FreeAgent Go Drive for a few weeks now and I’ve got to say that it’s very convenient.  It’s so portable that it’ll slide right into just about any camera bag or laptop case and almost goes without notice.  It’s so convenient to be able to dump a few gigs worth of photos from my memory cards to the FreeAgent Go drive while I’m away from home.  When I get back home I can just plug the drive into my desktop and drop the images in Lightroom (or even work on them directly on the drive while I’m away from home).

Additionally, Seagate will be running a campaign this holiday season where everyone that registers a Seagate product from November 28th through the end of January will get a free digital movie rental from CinemaNow, 50 songs from eMusic and (a big one in my opinion) 50% off a subscription to SmugMug.

To learn more about Seagate FreeAgent Go drives, visit

To learn more about file management and safety for your photos, you can check out the ongoing Epic Edits article series on Photo Backup.

Judging Criteria and Process

Judging criteria will be based on the best expression of the theme “Fall” with due consideration give to technical proficiency and execution.  Layman’s terms – a great Fall photograph.

Please don’t limit yourself with the Fall theme.  Just because the leaves don’t change colors where you live doesn’t mean that you can’t think outside the box and come up with a killer “Fall” themed image that blows away a Fall leaves shot.

After the November 24 deadline for entries has passed, I will select 10 finalist images and announce and display the finalists in no particular order on Photography Bay.

I will then submit the images to 4 judges independent of both Photography Bay and Seagate.  The 4 judges are as follows:

1. Rich Legg of LeggNet’s Digital Capture (Subscribe to LeggNet’s Feed)

2. Brian Auer of Epic Edits – (Subscribe to Epic Edits’s Feed)

3. Jeff and Lisa (jointly) of Beyond Megapixels – (Subscribe to Beyond Megapixels’ Feed)

4. Darren Rowse of Digital Photography School – (Subscribe to DPS’ Feed)

These four judges will then rank the images based on their own independent judgment in 1st through 10th place.

After they return the rankings to me, I will then determine the three winners based on the average rankings of the images.  In the event of a tie, a reader poll will be used to resolve the tie.

The winners will be announced and displayed on December 1, 2008 on Photography Bay.

Winner Notification

Since we will be using a Flickr Group Pool for this contest, I will send the winners a notification by Flickr mail requesting their contact information, which I will then forward to Seagate for shipment of the prizes.  Winners will have one week to respond to my Flickr mail or their prize will be redistributed to the next contestant in line based on the Top 10 images.

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Rights in and to Images

Photographers retain all copyrights in and to any images that are submitted for entry into this contest.  By entering, however, you grant Photography Bay and Seagate the right to display the images on their websites in conjunction with the announcement and promotion of this contest.  Basically, we want to be able to show off who the winners are and how awesome your photos are.  We don’t and won’t use your images for any for any other commercial purposes other than the announcement or promotion of this contest.

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