SilverFast Archive Suite

LaserSoft has announced a new film archiving software page, dubbed SilverFast Archive Suite.  Check out the following video for a little hands-on display of how it works.  Additional details are in the press release below.

Press Release:

LaserSoft Imaging Now Offers a Unique Archiving Solution

Optimized Archiving Solution with SilverFast Archive Suite

KIEL, Germany – LaserSoft Imaging® presents a unique solution for fast and easy archiving of slides, negatives and reflective originals. With the new SilverFast® Archive Suite you get a bundle of two programs: SilverFast Ai IT8 Studio and SilverFast HDR® Studio. Since both of them are equipped with optimized functions you will enjoy maximum processing speed as well as an efficient workflow. An integrated Color Management System which meets professional standards completes the convincing package.

  • Saving lossless with the incorporated 48Bit HDR concept (JPEG 2000)
  • Consistent colors with integrated and patented Auto IT8 Calibration
  • Predictable brightness and color with the advantage of Gamma-Synchronization
  • Increase of dynamic range with SilverFast Multi-Exposure®
  • Dramatically speed up the process of loading large image files with the unique HiRePP® process
  • Automatic frame detection to identify images quickly
  • Tutorial-Movies that individually show and explain with QuickTime Movies for each function of SilverFast®

The SilverFast® Archive Suite will enable you to perform all necessary steps for a professional and lossless digital backup from your treasured collection, which took years or even decades to establish, by yourself, without letting it out of your hands.